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Each of the twelve finalists presents their project to a panel of Judges who then, assess each project and determine the top student of architecture, in New Zealand who receives, a $5 000. 00 prize, Two Highly Commended Prizes are, also awarded.

Now, users can share specific items between the Mac and iOS app by sending them over encrypted email or iMessage. Users can also, sort items by password strength or the last time the user, changed the password. This gives them insights into how secure their password security measures are. Theres no word yet on how, much 1Password 4 will cost but anyone who has bought 1Password, 3 through AgileBits website since January 1 2013 or at any time via the Mac App Store will get the next version for free. 1Password 3 can currently be purchased for US$49.

6 billion in sales and a 23% net profit margin this company looks like a cash, machine. But its stock is dead money having risen an average of 1% a year since 2004. The big problem with CA seems to be that its shrinking in a growing market sales fell 3. 6% in the last year in an enterprise software market that Gartner expects to grow at 6. 8% to $320 billion by the end of 2014 . This suggests that something is not clicking between what CA offers and what customers want to buy. Will CA still be around in 2024?, Jyoti Bansal founder and CEO of enterprise application monitoring software company AppDynamics. said No. CA will be broken into pieces and sold to private equity. CA disputes this view.