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Hear industry trends, the latest research and significant product launches discussed with topic experts in question and answer format.

Q&A: David Noguer Bau, Head of Service Provider Marketing at Juniper Networks What stage do you believe SDN is at now – hype or reality – and how will it evolve over the next 12 months?

Q&A: Marco Veremis, CEO of Upstream

Upstream CEO Marco Veremis discusses the latest trends in mobile marketing. From a telco perspective, what are the biggest opportunities that mobile marketing provides currently?

Q&A: Lionel Chmilewsky, CEO of CBNL

Cambridge Broadband Networks Ltd (CBNL) chief executive Lionel Chmilewsky discusses the latest mobile backhaul trends What key trends are impacting the business case of modern backhaul networks?

Q&A: Telekom Austria’s Director of Regulatory & European Affairs

Michael Jungwirth, Director of Regulatory & European Affairs at Telekom Austria, discusses the single telecoms market and other regulatory challenges.

Q&A: Infinera’s director of solutions and technology

Geoff Bennett, director of solutions and technology at Infinera, discusses future network trends. What is the Terabit Era, when is it coming and why is it important for telcos?

Q&A: Coleago Consulting director Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie, director at Coleago Consulting, discusses the current state of the MVNO market and what the future holds

Q&A: IDATE’s director of telecom strategy

Didier Pouillot, director of telecom strategy at IDATE, discusses the latest trends from the think tank’s 2013 yearbook - "The Challenges of the Digital World".

Q&A: ADTRAN managing director, Eduard Scheiterer

Eduard Scheiterer, MD at ADTRAN, outlines what operators need to know about emerging vectoring technology

Q&A: Lavastorm Analytics CEO Drew Rockwell

Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm Analytics, discusses big data trends and how operators can overcome the inherent challenges.

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