European Communications

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Find out what people working at the cutting edge of the European telecoms market really think about how the industry isevolving.

Opinion: How to sustain employment growth in the telecoms sector

By Askar Sheibani, Comtek CEO and Entrepreneurship Champion for Wales

Opinion: CIOs must lead the digital transformation

By CloudSense CEO Richard Britton

Most of us in telecoms know about threats and opportunities and how sometimes they can turn out to be the same thing.

Opinion: How operators can convert “data exhaust” to data dividend

By Rick Lievano, Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy for the Microsoft Telecommunications Sector. 

Opinion: How to monetise mash-ups

By Andy Tiller, Vice President Product Marketing at AsiaInfo

With sponsored data hitting the headlines courtesy of AT&T, operators’ commercial partnerships are in the spotlight.

Opinion: How to harness population data to unlock new revenue streams

By Graham Bradley, Director, Mobile, EMEA at INRIX

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