European Communications

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Find out what people working at the cutting edge of the European telecoms market really think about how the industry isevolving.

Opinion: Service Level Agreements are no longer fit for purpose

By Béatrice Piquer-Durand, VP Marketing at Ipanema Technologies

Opinion: The importance of sharing threat intelligence to mitigate cyber attacks

By Christy Coffey, head of cyber security at TM Forum

Opinion: Operators need to shake up the boardroom to compete with OTT players

By Philip Randerson, MD of technology executive search firm European Leaders

Opinion: Telcos need a new metric to evaluate innovation

By Emeka Obiodu, principal analyst, Industry, Communications, and Broadband at Ovum

Contrary to popular opinion, most telcos are innovative when it comes to their businesses. While their core products of voice and data have not changed much over the past 30 years, telcos have innovated in their network infrastructure, business models, tariff strategies and approach to marketing.

Opinion: Emerging markets offer mobile OS challengers chance of success

By Lawrence Lundy, consultant, ICT, Frost & Sullivan