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European Communications discusses the latest telecom trends with telco executives, analysts and topic experts viainsightful analysis, Q&As and opinion pieces.

Turkcell CTO: “Mobile wallet could add 2-3 percent to our revenues”

Cenk Bayrakdar was in a bullish mood when European Communications met up with him this week to talk about Turkcell’s recent mobile wallet launch.

Q&A: Sigma Systems CTO Brian Cappellani

Brian Cappellani, Sigma Systems’ CTO, discusses the effects that M&A activity has on telcos' back office operations. What is your assessment of the current telecoms M&A activity happening in Europe?

Opinion: Separating hype from reality in the mobile wallet space

By Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst Ovum

There has been an explosion in mobile wallet launches and announcements over the last 18 months that shows no sign of abating.

Content and services strategies lag behind broadband access

With much of the focus on broadband access over the last few days, it is easy to forget that there’s little point in operators investing in super-fast next gen pipes if they have not got the right strategy in place to offer the content and services that will benefit both themselves and their customers.

Europe's love affair with FTTx

New statistics would appear to show that we were rather too harsh yesterday on Europe’s fibre progression, but
 the general feeling at Broadband World Forum is more akin to our slightly downbeat – or perhaps realistic – assessment.

Europe still waiting for fibre broadband lift off

On the eve of the 2012 Broadband World Forum event it is worth looking at how far things have progressed over the last 12 months.

Opinion: What is the best way for operators to price 4G LTE?

By Dr Ekkehard Stadie, Partner and Global Head of Telco/IT practice, Simon-Kucher & Partners

When it comes to monetising innovation, 4G LTE should be considered a pivotal opportunity.

Telenor joins BlueVia and urges other operators to follow suit

Telenor has joined Telefónica's BlueVia platform as it attempts to derive revenue from a range of new services, but is slightly worried it will fail if others don’t follow suit.

Telefónica breaks cover as first Big Data telco

Telefónica has provided a welcome boost to the industry by announcing the creation of a new global business unit aimed at deriving revenue from Big Data.