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European Communications discusses the latest telecom trends with telco executives, analysts and topic experts viainsightful analysis, Q&As and opinion pieces.

TeliaSonera and Samsung launch “industry first” IPTV solution

With operators increasingly looking at how to play the TV game, TeliaSonera has unveiled its latest move – an IPTV collaboration with Samsung.

Groupe Illiad targets 177% increase in revenues and a quarter of French mobile market

Groupe Illiad saw revenues rise 39 percent in the first six months of 2012 as its disruptive entrance into the French mobile market paid handsome dividends.

European Communications M2M survey: the results

Over a quarter of senior telco executives who participated in European Communications’ latest quarterly survey believe the potential growth of M2M being ascribed to operators is overstated.

MTS makes €543 million Q2 loss as Uzbekistan operations suspended

Russia-based mobile operator MTS made a €543 loss in the second quarter as problems at its Uzbekistan subsidiary severely impacted the company’s balance sheet.

Telcos have real opportunity to make an impact in new era of TV and video

The way in which consumers access and consume TV and video is changing at such a rapid pace that telcos have a real opportunity to play a more significant role beyond mere delivery.

Opinion: Introducing networks that are faster than real time

By Mervyn Kelly, EMEA marketing director at Ciena

In cinema, the concept of ”real-time” has been fairly well defined; 24 frames per second (fps) is, in most cases, enough to fool a human eye into believing that a motion picture projected on a screen is fluid and uninterrupted.

M2M opportunities “limited only by people’s imagination rather than technology”

By 2020 there will be more machines than people connected to networks.

So how ready is Everything Everywhere for a 4G launch?

Everything Everywhere followed up the news that it had been given a head start in the UK’s 4G race with the surprise announcement that it was creating a new brand.

Everything Everywhere given head start on 4G leaving rivals shocked and frustrated

The UK regulator has given Everything Everywhere permission to use its existing 1800MHz spectrum to deliver 4G services, much to the chagrin of its rivals.