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European Communications discusses the latest telecom trends with telco executives, analysts and topic experts viainsightful analysis, Q&As and opinion pieces.

Q&A: Paul Nguyen, President of Global Security Solutions at CSG Invotas

Data security challenges and the shift to automation are the topics discussed with CSG Invotas’ Paul Nguyen

Opinion: Operators should demand more from their music streaming partner

By Thorsten Schliesche, Napster Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe

Three UK CEO: “Im focused on building our brand”

David Dyson, the chief executive of Three UK, said he is focused on building the brand as he expanded on the operator’s recent performance at a briefing on Tuesday.

Opinion: VoWiFi offers bargaining power in the battle with WhatsApp Voice

altBy John Hoadley, Chief Technology Officer of Taqua

Opinion: What’s next for NFV?

By Fergus Wills, Director of Product Management at Openwave Mobility

The core goals of providing flexible service infrastructure and reduced costs, combined with a wider industry adoption of these principles, have made Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), some of the hottest topics in telecoms.

M2M growth pushes operators to move up the value chain

M2M continues to be one of the growth stories for European operators as the focus begins to shift away from connectivity.

Sponsored data models likely to proliferate in Europe

Providing there are no net neutrality issues and operators learn from previous mistakes, sponsored data could soon arrive in Europe.

Q&A: Dr Vinod Vasudevan, Group CEO of Flytxt What is the potential business value of the data available within CSPs?

Opinion: Why autonomics is the future of network management

By Frank Lansink, Managing Director of IPsoft
For the most part, the rapid evolution and expansion of CSPs’ businesses has taken them by surprise. Many of even the biggest players are still operating their legacy networks like they were a decade ago, with old-fashioned processes and tools.