By Bengt Nordström, CEO of telecoms industry consultants Northstream

Group mobile operators have enjoyed huge profits from built-up global operations. However, this cannot be relied on anymore due to the saturation of mobile markets.

T-Systems UK chief executive Casper Malig discusses the hot topics in the enterprise market.

Eurocomms.com: What are the most pressing needs of the enterprise market in 2014 that you are trying to address?

Upstream CEO Marco Veremis discusses the latest trends in mobile marketing.

Eurocomms.com: From a telco perspective, what are the biggest opportunities that mobile marketing provides currently?

.@ericsson wins Telefónica Germany VoLTE deal: http://t.co/iQO8nRf5xw http://t.co/gnxqoS2qLx
RT @mobileeurope: . @Truphone awarded patent for new SIM identity switching tech http://t.co/ZFdFZzf4yU http://t.co/hFiQUldLk1
Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium in the dock as European Commission talks tough: http://t.co/AlPUp12ssX http://t.co/LrSNYIFCRu

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