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Opinion: How to monetise mash-ups

By Andy Tiller, Vice President Product Marketing at AsiaInfo

With sponsored data hitting the headlines courtesy of AT&T, operators’ commercial partnerships are in the spotlight.

Video: Watch videos of our third annual big data seminar

Videos of European Communications’ latest big data seminar, featuring BT, Orange, Telecom Italia, Deloitte and Amdocs are now available to view.

Operators warned to push security up the agenda and respond quicker

First, the good news. The telecoms sector is in the top three when benchmarked against other industries for security, according to a former hacker turned telco vendor.

Operators in need of an answer as they ask ‘from despair to where?’

Perhaps the most concerning thing about the telecoms industry is not the frequently expressed fears about stagnating revenues or OTT threats but the fact that while operators accept change is needed, they are not entirely sure what that change should be.

Telcos turn 'queenmakers' in battle for consumers' hearts

As operators grapple with rebranding themselves as "digital businesses" in a bid to succeed in what they are told is now a "digital ecosystem", the products they offer become increasingly important.

Data and marketing behind changing face of telecoms fraud

Operators naturally don’t like to talk about it, but fraud remains a significant problem for them.

NOS Chief Exec hails first-born quad-player, worries about vendor consolidation

Miguel Almeida is targeting a five percent gain in Portugal's telecoms market as his newly-named operator takes aim at the country's incumbent.

Q&A: Brian Jurutka, SVP Global Telecom Solutions, comScore How would you assess the progress that operators have made over the past 12 months with regard to understanding the behaviour of their customers through big data initiatives?

Opinion: How to harness population data to unlock new revenue streams

By Graham Bradley, Director, Mobile, EMEA at INRIX