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European Communications discusses the latest telecom trends with telco executives, analysts and topic experts viainsightful analysis, Q&As and opinion pieces.

NOS Chief Exec hails first-born quad-player, worries about vendor consolidation

Miguel Almeida is targeting a five percent gain in Portugal's telecoms market as his newly-named operator takes aim at the country's incumbent.

Q&A: Brian Jurutka, SVP Global Telecom Solutions, comScore How would you assess the progress that operators have made over the past 12 months with regard to understanding the behaviour of their customers through big data initiatives?

Opinion: How to harness population data to unlock new revenue streams

By Graham Bradley, Director, Mobile, EMEA at INRIX

BT sets out new customer-service focused strategy, outlines mobile plans

BT Chief Executive Gavin Patterson set out a new “refined” strategy for the operator, which includes improving customer experience and launching a new mobile network.

Opinion: Device trade-in can be a catalyst for operator business change

By Jeff Rallet, Managing Director of Operations, EMEA, eRecyclingCorps

Video: Turkcell and Telefónica execs discuss M2M strategy

European Communications met with representatives from Turkcell and Telefónica to discuss their respective M2M strategies.

Opinion: The three evolutionary phases of M2M

By Emmanuel Routier, Vice President, Global M2M at Orange Business Services

With such high expectations placed on M2M years before the technology had matured, there were questions as to whether it could live up to its perceived potential.


Backhaul and bandwidth-on-demand are discussed with Rob Casey, Director of Product Management at CENX.