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European Communications discusses the latest telecom trends with telco executives, analysts and topic experts viainsightful analysis, Q&As and opinion pieces.

Opinion: Emerging markets offer mobile OS challengers chance of success

By Lawrence Lundy, consultant, ICT, Frost & Sullivan

Opinion: NSN deal won’t change Nokia’s handset ambitions

By Bengt Nordström, CEO of Northstream

Nokia and Siemens surprised the industry this week as Nokia acquired Siemens’ entire 50 per cent stake in their joint venture (JV) – Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) – for €1.7billion. 

Q&A: IDATE’s director of telecom strategy

Didier Pouillot, director of telecom strategy at IDATE, discusses the latest trends from the think tank’s 2013 yearbook - "The Challenges of the Digital World".

Analysts mull reasons behind Vodafone-Kabel Deutschland deal

A host of reasons lie behind Vodafone’s desire to acquire cableco Kabel Deutschland, telecoms analysts believe.

Q&A: ADTRAN managing director, Eduard Scheiterer

Eduard Scheiterer, MD at ADTRAN, outlines what operators need to know about emerging vectoring technology

Opinion: How to find and engage missing data roamers

By Nigel Portley, product strategist at Tango Telecom

From 1 July 2014, the roaming market in Europe will open up to offer mobile subscribers more choice, better service and better value.

Q&A: Lavastorm Analytics CEO Drew Rockwell

Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm Analytics, discusses big data trends and how operators can overcome the inherent challenges.

Orange losing faith in Brussels’ ability to transform telecoms market

Elie Girard, senior executive vice president in charge of group strategy and development at Orange, has backed up a GSMA report that calls for the simplification of M&A and regulatory activity in Europe.

Opinion: ARPU is dead, long live ARPA!

By Rob Chimsky, Vice President Insights at Guavus

Average Revenue per User (ARPU) has long been the benchmark metric for success in the wireless industry.