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Belgacom reshuffles management team

Belgian telecommunications heavyweight Belgacom has announced a reshuffle within its management team.

From January 1, the group's current consumer business unit executive vice-president, Michel Georgis, will become its executive vice-president of human resources. He will also oversee the running of its internal communications department.

Mr Georgis will be replaced by Scott Alcott, who will step down as executive vice-president of service delivery engine and wholesale at the start of next year.

Meanwhile, executive vice-president of strategy and content, Bruno Chauvat, will temporarily take charge of the service delivery engine and wholesale department.

In addition to these changes, the organisation's vice-president of public affairs and mergers and acquisitions, Philip Neyt, will oversee the operation of regulation, corporate communications, corporate identity and branding.

Current interim legal department boss Igor Makedonsky has been appointed vice-president of group legal and compliance, Belgacom also revealed.