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Sky tops UK customer service poll

Sky customers are the most satisfied with their landline and broadband service, according to research by UK communications watchdog Ofcom.

Around three-quarters (74 percent) of those who have their landline with Sky were satisfied with the customer service, while two-thirds (64 percent) of the company's broadband customers were also happy with the service it provides.

In the landline sector, BT was closest to Sky, with 63 percent of customers saying their service was satisfactory, followed by TalkTalk (59 percent) and Virgin Media (53 percent), while a quarter said they were neutral.

Nearly a quarter (22 percent) of Virgin Media landline customers said they were unhappy with the service they had received.

For broadband, Sky's closest rival was Orange with a 59 percent satisfaction rating, with BT and Virgin Media both polling 57 percent and TalkTalk/Tiscali bringing up the rear with 55 percent.

Customers were far more satisfied with service for both paid-for TV and mobile phone services, with an average satisfaction rating of 68 percent and 69 percent respectively, compared with an average 58 percent for broadband and 61 percent for landline.