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Swisscom unveils Zurich fibre-optic plans

The people of Zurich are to make a decision on further growth of the city's fibre-optic network, after telecommunications provider Swisscom and power utility firm ewz concluded a co-operation agreement on the project.

A previous deal between the pair had been rejected by the Competition Commission (ComCo) but various clauses were deleted or amended after further consultation.

Whether or not the work goes ahead is now in the hands of the Zurich electorate, which will hold a vote on the proposals in the next few months. If approved, the upgrade could be completed by the summer of this year.

Officials are now hopeful that passive, unlit fibre-optic cable (Layer 1) will be offered by the two firms, making sure the project is compliant with one of ComCo's key requirements.

Approximately €248 million is being invested in fibre-optic expansion in Zurich by Swisscom, which will put up about 60 percent of the basic connection costs across the city.