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ZTE sees 'world-best' revenue increase

Telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider ZTE's revenue rose year-on-year by a third in the nine months to September last year - better than any other company in the sector, it has been claimed.

Emerging on top of the revenue pile for the global telecommunications sector, ZTE's sales revenue reached the equivalent of €6.86 billion during the nine-month period, research shows. During the same period a year earlier, its sales revenue stood at €5.14 billion.

It would appear that ZTE has significantly outperformed its competitors as the sector's average revenue increase for the period was 10 percent.

Frost & Sullivan, which carried out the research, believes the company's success is down to its aggressive marketing and sales strategies in its overseas markets, particularly in China.

Its endeavours to expand and upgrade wireless networks, develop smart terminals, and its participation in China's national broadband strategy and tri-network integration will stand it in good stead in the future, the study indicates.