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Swisscom merges two subsidiaries

Swisscom has merged subsidiaries Webcall GmbH and Axept AG, with the latter firm's chief executive, Daniel Staehelin, appointed as managing director.

The company has decided to group the two software-based communications arms in an effort to strengthen its market position in the engineering and operation of software-based unified communications and collaboration solutions.

Swisscom revealed that the 120 people that work for the two subsidiaries will keep their jobs, as the merger will not have a negative impact on employment within the company.

Swisscom acquired Axept AG last year, while Webcall GmbH was taken over by the company in 2008. The acquisition of both has enabled Swisscom to expand its managed services, particularly in managed communications and collaboration.

The company revealed it took the decision to merge the pair in the hope of further developing this area of its business in the future.

Mr Staehelin said: "Together we can have a stronger presence on the market and offer our customers even more targeted solutions, all from one source."