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Silent roamers costing operators dear

Mobile operators around the world will miss out on nearly €1 billion in additional roaming revenues this year due to the prevalence of “silent roamers”, according to vendor Syniverse.

Over half of international roamers do not use voice services, while up to 70 percent do not use data services, according to Syniverse’s own data plus that of research firm Informa Telecoms & Media.

In total, customers who opt either to minimise or to discontinue their use of mobile services while abroad are costing operator €915 million in lost revenue.

“There is a significant amount of money left on the table by end users who turn off their mobile services while traveling,” commented Syniverse president and CEO Jeff Gordon.

“Operators have an opportunity to secure this revenue by identifying silent roamers and reaching out to them in real time with compelling offers to change usage behavior,” he added.


#1 2012-03-07 18:38
This is the dumbest statement I have seen in a very long time. "Silent Roamers". Oh man.

You should rephrase it as "Operators are price gouging their roaming customers by charging utterly preposterous fees for roaming, and their customers (not being criminally stupid) switch off their phones to avoid being stiffed."

I know, let's try - and I am just making a wild stab in the dark here - charging less for roaming and see how that goes down.