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Bouygues Telecom predicts 10 percent drop in 2012 revenues

France-based operator Bouygues Telecom has announced that it expects its 2012 revenues to drop by 10 percent.

The company said it would implement a cost savings plan to account for cuts in call termination rates – estimated at around €350 million – the growth in SIM-only offers and the arrival of new competitor Free Mobile.

The news came as Bouygues revealed that its full year 2011 revenues increased two percent to €5.7 billion.

Net profit was down 17 percent to €370 million, while capex increased 26 percent to €859 million.

In what it described as “a fiercely competitive mobile market”, the operator said it gained 369,000 new mobile plan customers last year.

The total customer base in December 2011 numbered 11.3 million, of whom 80.6 percent were on mobile plans.

Bouygues led the fixed broadband market in France, signing up 433,000 new customers in 2011. It now has a total of 1.24 million customers as of December 2011.