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OTE demands answers re two-year old VDSL bid

Greek telecoms operator OTE has demanded the country's industry regulator to clarify its stance on the firm's planned commercial launch of retail and wholesale VDSL services.

The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) has been urged to make its position on OTE's proposals known and to approve them by October 11 of this year.

The operator said that two years have now elapsed since its plans for VDSL services were originally put forward to the regulator.

The plans seek to offer low-cost internet coverage of 50mbps to all Greek consumers - rather than solely OTE customers.

At relatively low costs, other operators would be able to provide OTE's VDSL services to their customers, the firm added, without having to pay anything towards physical VDSL investments themselves.

EETT had set two conditions for OTE to fulfil before its bid could gain approval.

Firstly, the company was asked to prove that its competitors could receive reasonable operating margins from the wholesale prices proposed. On this score, OTE claims it has already broken down how other operators could offer services at a profit.

On the second condition, OTE was urged to validate the cost-orientation of its wholesale data. Again, OTE says the commission has already been informed of these details.

OTE said the regulator has never taken a clear position on its plans and, as such, there is no certainty over the costs or time-scale relating to the implementation of its plans.

The firm went further, saying that the delay in the decision is hindering OTE in the competitive market, holding it back from submitting other products for approval to the regulator.

It also criticised EETT's delay for holding back Greece as a whole in the field of cutting-edge technology, saying that its inaction has frozen investments from a firm which is willing to fund a major infrastructure project.