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According to a recent report published by Informa Telecoms & Media, European mobile operators are re-assessing their business models and considering alternative approaches to dealing with the current operating climate. The impact of the economic downturn, the subsequent shift in consumer behaviour and intense competition has forced mobile operators across Europe to change their strategies, with many reducing capital expenditure and others introducing discounted pricing models. However, operators need to be careful that these short-term solutions do not restrict growth in the long-term.

"We have seen a reduction in capex by many of the European carriers, with the total spend in Europe dropping to €6 billion in 2Q09 which is a y-o-y decrease of 8.6%. However, at a time when the operating climate is as competitive as it is, they should really be looking to increase their investment in high-speed network rollouts. The fall in prices and the commoditization of voice services has seen the need for operators to offer new data services, which means there is a very real opportunity to differentiate from their competition and invest in new technologies," explains Marisol Gomez, Research Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media.

Although the overall trend has been to reduce capex, many operators are simply monitoring their costs and looking at alternative strategies to combat the overall decline in revenues and the rise in churn. Informa Telecoms & Media calculates that total revenues in Europe were €50billion in 2Q09 which represents a y-o-y decline of 4.7%.

"We have seen the emergence of a number of trends to tackle the decline in revenues, with pricing models very much at the centre of strategic thinking. Cut-price tariffs, SIM-only plans, promotions which benefit the unemployed and bundled offers have been implemented with varying degrees of success, in a bid to win new customers and keep existing ones."

"With unemployment levels soaring in Spain, operators have resorted to adapting plans aimed at retaining customers through difficult personal times. In highly penetrated markets in Western Europe, many operators have turned to SIM-only plans with impressive success, particularly in the UK, where in 2008 mobile operators sold over 1.2 million SIM-only subscriptions according to Ofcom," added Gomez.

"In the long-term, the challenging economic environment presents new opportunities to those able to adapt to the climate and those who understand customer needs and behaviour. But, at the same time, the difficult operating conditions can highlight bad management and past commercial flaws. Never before has there been a time when the delivery of relevant content and services at the right price has been such a priority for operators," Gomez concludes.

A new report from Juniper Research, forecasts that consumer usage of mobile coupons will generate close to $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by 2014.

Juniper Research's new report - ‘Mobile Coupons & NFC Smart Posters: Strategies, Applications & Forecasts 2009-2014' - cautions that user apathy amongst the wider public, as well as lack of willingness to change and learn a new method of making financial transactions are potential stumbling blocks. This is despite NFC trial results which show very high levels of user acceptance.

"Marketers can use the mobile device as the ultimate personal marketing channel. It is almost permanently switched on and physically with the consumer. This makes a great opportunity for brands and marketing agencies to access clients immediately, driving footfall and encouraging an instant decision," explained Howard Wilcox, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research and lead report author.

Smart posters with embedded NFC tags will bring to life static billboards, creating immediate interaction between potential customers and their prospective purchases. By simply passing their device close to the tag, users can take away a coupon or product information that can result in purchase decisions. 

Further findings from the Mobile Coupons and Smart Posters report include:

  • ARPU from NFC coupons and smart posters will exceed ARPU from NFC payment transactions
  • The vast majority of mobile coupon redemption value will be generated by the Far East & China, Western Europe and North America in 2014

The report, launched globally today, contains six year forecasting for all the key market parameters including users, redemption rates, values and incremental ARPU for all mobile coupons, NFC coupons and NFC smart posters.

TM Forum, the world's premier industry group focused on business effectiveness for the communications and media sectors, today confirmed that Joe Weinman, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, AT&T Inc, Andy Brown, Senior Vice President & Head, Strategy, Architecture and Optimization, Bank of America; Sean Kelley, Managing Director, CTO, Global Head Technology and Operations, Deutsche Bank and Eric Pulier, CEO ServiceMesh, Inc will be among those leading critical discussions around the management of cloud services in a specially focused one day Cloud Conference at TM Forum's Management World Americas 2009 (8-10 December, Orlando FL). 

Through a series of presentations and interactive discussions, these industry leaders - who represent both buyers and sellers of cloud services - will look beyond the hype and discussing the real-life benefits of the different cloud service models (Infrastructure as a Service; Platform as a Service; and Software as a Service), security, open standards and what role Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can play in ensuring the ecosystem meets customers' needs and expectations.

Participants will learn how major Enterprise buyers view the possible cost savings and growth opportunities that Cloud-based services can deliver, and define Enterprise strategies for the next decade.  Providers and suppliers will better understand the business opportunities for offering a portfolio of cloud services and technologies.


Key Concepts

  • Cloud-based Services are set to completely change the way information and other digital services are delivered and consumed;
  • They offer Enterprise Users the potential to totally transform their businesses by radically reducing costs while enhancing the types of services they provide;
  • For CSPs they represent a game-changing opportunity as a key new revenue generator and margin enhancer by giving thousands of clients from every global vertical the opportunity to work and play more efficiently and effectively;
  • The big challenge with Cloud-based services: how to manage it all.;
  • TM Forum's Management World Americas conference is uniquelystructured to deliver practical advice and real-world tactics that attendees can implement now, offering business strategies to help their organizations thrive in a highly competitive market.



Nik Willetts, VP Communications, TM Forum said; "Cloud-based services represent a very significant opportunity for the industry, and we're very pleased to include such a prestigious line-up of speakers to drill in to this cutting-edge topic. Once again, TM Forum is leading the way in defining and solving key industry issues.

"Management World Americas promises to be an invaluable conference for our members. We are already on track for a very successful event, this year attracting an even more senior and influential audience than ever before."


Sferia, a service provider in Poland, and Huawei have today announced the  launch of the world's first High Speed Packet Access Evolution (HSPA+) commercial network in the 900 MHz band for Aero2.  Due to its extensive penetration, the 900MHz spectrum will allow Sferia to significantly improve its network coverage while reducing energy consumption by employing less base stations.

The new HSPA+ network, with lower latency and higher speeds, will allow Sferia/Aero2 to offer improved mobile broadband services to its customers. Via its 64 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technology, Sferia/Aero2's HSPA+ network is said to be able to achieve downlink peak data rates of up to 21.6 Mb/s per user and over 60 Mb/s per base station. This rapid data exchange rate is said to be achieved via Huawei's All-IP mobile backhauling solution, which is utilized in all Sferia/Aero2 base stations.

"Using Huawei's leading HSPA+ solution in our cellular network, Aero2 is confident that we will retain our competitive position in the Polish telecommunications market," said Adam Kurianski, President of Aero2. "With the new network, our customers will be able to enjoy advanced multimedia and entertainment services in a cost-effective way."

"We are pleased to work with Sferia/Aero2 in the launch of the new HSPA+ network in Poland and we see real traction within the HSPA market," said Qin Hua, General Sales Director of Huawei Poland. "As a leading provider of end-to-end mobile broadband solutions, Huawei is committed to working closely with operators worldwide to pave the way for their mobile broadband strategies."

Interoute, owner operator of one of Europe's largest next generation voice and data network, and Juniper Networks, a specialist in high performance networking, today announced that an extra 9.5 Terabits of capacity has been added to Interoute's pan European IP network. The upgrade is in response to increased Internet traffic from ISPs, content providers and enterprise customers, which led to Interoute experiencing IP traffic doubling every 12 months.

This escalation in demand is being led by broadband growth in emerging markets where Interoute serves customers including Slovak Telecom, ATM in Poland and Magyar Telecom in Hungary, combined with increasingly rich multimedia content from mobile providers, such as Vodafone, and the growth in enterprise VPNs.  All these factors have contributed to Interoute's 32 percent growth rate since 2008. 

Interoute's next generation network is part of the digital backbone of the European Internet, and also provides IP transit and content delivery services to enterprise and media owners.

Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute, commented, "Interoute, with this upgrade, has added over 9.5 Terabits of capacity to Europe's Internet, improving the quality, experience and availability of Europe's Internet whilst maintaining the sophisticated mix of security, predictability and scale required by enterprises for critical IT infrastructure services, including computing, communication and connectivity."

Interoute has deployed the Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Routers in its core pan European IP network. Gert-Jan Schenk, senior vice president EMEA, Juniper Networks, said: "Demand for bandwidth continues to grow, and providers need  to expand their networks to keep pace, while also increasing the value their networks can deliver to customers. Interoute is a highly-innovative company, always focused on delivering excellent value to its customers via new services and quality of service to maintain traction."

Interoute will continue to invest in capacity ahead of network demand and in anticipation of customer requirements. The IP layer is one of five network platforms that form part of Interoute's next-generation European network. The current network infrastructure has the capacity to be upgraded a further 50 times, giving Interoute's customers a deep reserve from which to draw as their demands increase.

The upgrade project involved Juniper Networks MX960 Ethernet Services Router platform being deployed across 12 cities within the Interoute network including Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague and Stockholm. 

Juniper Networks MX960 platform is one of the industry's largest capacity Carrier Ethernet platforms with up to 960 gigabits per second (Gbps) of switching and routing capacity, reducing costs and increasing revenue per platform while delivering the scale to ensure investment protection. Offering efficient support of high-density interfaces and high-capacity switching throughput, the MX960 enables a wide range of business and residential applications and services, including high-speed transport and VPN services and next-generation network aggregation. The MX Series is based on the industry-leading JUNOS software which simplifies networks operations and reduces the costs and complexity of deploying, provisioning and managing scalable Ethernet services.

AXIANS is now a new solution partner for KEYMILE. Due to long-standing experience and in-depth expertise with IP networks, AXIANS will concentrate on selling KEYMILE's MileGate, the multi-service access platform.

AXIANS is VINCI Energies' brand that deals with network integration and corporate communications and one of the leading European suppliers of energy and information technology. AXIANS focuses on creating convergent and scaleable network solutions for reliable voice, data and video communication. In Germany, AXIANS is represented by systems integrator NK Networks & Services in Cologne and Hamburg. For almost 25 years, NK Networks & Services has been a service provider for reliable IT networks in segments like carrier and Internet service providers, as well as corporate networks. The company's portfolio covers the entire life cycle of ICT solutions, ranging from support to concept development, to implementing networks to maintenance and operation. KEYMILE has now signed a partnership agreement with AXIANS.

AXIANS will sell multi-service access platform MileGate and offer customers services, such as network planning and integration, interoperability tests, installation, commissioning, training courses and after-sales service for access network technology. Because particularly where access networks are concerned, AXIANS sees the biggest growth potential.

"Business contacts have existed between KEYMILE and AXIANS for quite some time," comments Frank Krause, Chief Sales Officer at KEYMILE. "By signing a formal partnership agreement, we have now placed our co-operation on a solid footing for both companies to expand on. Consequently, KEYMILE will receive a boost in its market presence and can tap into further business opportunities with its new partner. AXIANS' extensive experience from the IP environment is perfectly in tune with the challenges of the FTTx market."

Jens Wulff, member of the AXIANS executive board in Germany goes on to say that: "KEYMILE is the specialist for access networks and leads on multi-service access platforms on the German market. With this technology and its competitive products, the company fits our portfolio very well. In KEYMILE we have found a local partner, one that develops and produces in Germany too. This factor has impressed many customers in Germany."

TM Forum, the world industry group focused on business effectiveness for the communications and media sectors, announced today it is expanding the outreach of its Cable Multiple System Operator (MSO) initiative by making the Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) interface specification publicly available.

TM Forum helps MSOs improve profitability by identifying and addressing cable management issues, defining best practices and standardized frameworks, and providing industry leadership around the world.

IP network and service providers use IPDR to providecost-effective usage measurement data exchange for next-generation services across an extended value-chain of partners. IPDR can gather a more robust data set than can be captured with other widely adopted standards. TM Forum is developing and driving the adoption of the IPDR specification through the contributions of MSO members and ongoing work with CableLabs.

Because of IPDR'simportance to the cable industry, TM Forum is now making IPDR an open standard available to TM Forum non-members as well as members. The intent is to maximize and accelerate IPDR use by hardware and software suppliers and systems integrators. The IPDR specifications have already been widely adopted by the cable industry, for example, CableLabs adopted IPDR/SP as a mandatory part of DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) and OpenCable.

The full IPDR Solution Suite now incorporates a comprehensive set of tools, including IPDR Streaming Protocol Specification, Business Solution Requirements, IPDR Specification Design Guide, File Transfer mode protocol Specifications, key Service Specifications, the, IPDR/XDR Encoding Format, and IPDR Usage Data Accounting Requirements.

TM Forum is managing and actively supporting a number of cable events over the coming months. Forthcoming TM Forum cable events include:

Management World Americas conference, in Orlando, December 8-10, 2009, featuring:

  • An Executive Debate discussing "Where does Cable go Next?" with Roberto Nobile, COO, Cablevision Argentina
  • Tom Vari, CIO & SVP, Application Delivery, Rogers Communications, Inc
  • Rodrigo Duclos, CTO, Net Serviços

In addition, TM Forum will participate in SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, in Denver, October 28-30, 2009.

"The TM Forum is committed to the cable sector," said Martin Creaner, president and COO, TM Forum. "By opening access to IPDR documents we are encouraging the broader cable industry to adopt IPDR, to make technical contributions that advance IPDR, and to participate actively in the TM Forum."

"We are very pleased that TM Forum is making IPDR specifications available to an audience beyond our respective membership," said Ralph W. Brown, Chief Technology Officer, CableLabs. "CableLabs has always made a practice of making its specifications publicly available to expand adoption.  This action on the part of the TM Forum should enable the growth of the IPDR user community and drive technical contributions for exciting new IPDR features."

"Public availability of the IPDR specification is an important move towards wider acceptance of the protocol," said Jeffrey Finkelstein, Director of Network Architecture, Cox Communications. "We are a supporter of open specifications and are pleased to see the TM Forum, of which we are a member, take this significant step forward."

"As a member of the Cable MSO community, Time Warner Cable applauds TM Forum's decision to make the IPDR specification publically available," said Jon Anderson, VP Advanced Technology Group, Time Warner Cable. "We believe that this change is a significant step forward that will facilitate IPDR's development and rapid adoption as a robust management interface by a variety of hardware and software suppliers and systems integrators."

"Broadband providers are demanding the increased subscriber visibility and management facilitated by IPDR," said Adam Dunstan President, Active Broadband Networks. "TM Forum's leadership of IPDR will make a significant contribution to the ongoing development and adoption of IPDR technology."

Openwave Systems, a software specialist offering a proactive mediation platform and tools to mobilise the Internet, has announced that Bouygues Telecom, a French mobile operator that is part of the Bouygues Group, has selected Openwave's traffic management solution to manage and optimise its network traffic.

"As data demand continues to increase and bandwidth-intensive services gain in popularity but also in complexity, we needed a solution to dynamically manage our network traffic and provide us with a greater element of control and tuning," said Thibaut Keraval, in charge of the Mobile Services Solutions in Bouygues Telecom. "Openwave's traffic management solution will help us to optimise the Smartphone traffic on our network and ultimately offer our subscribers more personalised service plans with flexible pricing."

Openwave's traffic management solution is said to monitor and dynamically control a diverse range of IP (TCP- and UDP-based) data flows within the Bouygues mobile network. Openwave's monitoring features will enable Bouygues Telecom to obtain better insights into network usage patterns and help  to define and anticipate new subscriber behaviours. Openwave's traffic management solution will also allow Bouygues Telecom to offer a variety of tiered subscriber plans that reflect actual usage. 

"The current growth of data consumption on mobile networks is unprecedented, and operators need an intelligent way to manage the influx of traffic," said John Giere, senior vice president, products and marketing, Openwave. "Openwave's in-network software solution combines a powerful workflow engine with a flexible policy management system, to enable Bouygues Telecom to manage its network more efficiently."

With Openwave's traffic management solution, Bouygues Telecom will be able to apply a policy for each subscriber initiated IP session including:

  • Access control based on destination IP and port of content or application being request
  • Access control based on subscriber plan/level of service
  • Source/destination network address translation (NAT)
  • Monitoring of predefined time and volume session limits.

The Openwave traffic management solution will also allow information to be logged on each IP session to enable "hot-billing" based on duration and volume consumed, giving Bouygues Telecom the capability to control network resources that bind service tiers to real-time parameters, and provides a framework for even more sophisticated and proactive all IP policy management going forward.

COLT, a European provider of business communications, has strengthened its partnership with Avaya enabling it to deliver an enhanced IP Voice Solution to customers.  Now certified as an Avaya Business Partner, COLT will provide large businesses across Europe with an improved IP Voice solution package that will allow customers to outsource the management of IP telephony and Unified Communications and have access to an improved customer services from COLT.

COLT has ramped up its IP Voice Solution by combining the provision of VoIP services with an IP Centre of Excellence.  The dedicated Centre of Excellence, which uses Avaya-certified engineers, offers COLT customers a single point of contact to manage and troubleshoot issues concerned with the wide area network, PSTN connectivity or Unified Communications solutions. The COLT IP Voice Solution also offers customers a single point of contact for all their IP telephony and unified communications needs, end-to-fault management, comprehensive maintenance services and a range of management capabilities.

With corporate interest in VoIP services increasing, IDC predicts that the number of VoIP connections will more than triple between 2008-2013 [1] and COLT's IP Voice Solutions meets the needs of around 80 percent of corporate users [2]. Detlef Spang, Managing Director, Major Enterprise, COLT, said, "IP telephony sits at the heart of a customer's Unified Communications journey and COLT aims to support each stage of this transition.  The strengthening of our IP Voice solution portfolio forms part of our strategy to deliver VoIP services as a complete networking solution across Europe fully supporting installation and management of the services being delivered. With peace of mind that the network and communications infrastructure is being maintained by COLT, customers can focus on more business-critical issues and increase productivity."

"By becoming a certified Avaya business partner, we now have extensive experience within COLT to design and implement an end-to-end VoIP solution and a wider Unified Communications solution," Spang added.

COLT IP Voice Solution demonstrates COLT's commitment to providing customers with a competitive portfolio of services.  By exploiting the expertise of COLT and Avaya, customers using IP Voice Solutions can expect to receive:

  • A pan-European solution covering all elements from the desktop to PSTN - with highly competitive pricing
  • Single Point of Contact supported by a clear, simple service level agreement (SLA)
  • Complete COLT managed outsource solution for business telephony
  • Improved customer experience - simple service requests will be completed within on working day
  • COLT teams backed by a network of Avaya-certified Local Business Partners to provide best in class installation and on-site maintenance

Hughes Network Systems today announced a multi-year agreement whereby its subsidiary,  Hughes Network Systems, Ltd. will provide the UK's Avanti Communications Group and its partner channels, eight gateways and 50,000 customer premise terminals to operate over HYLAS, said to be Europe's first dedicated, high-throughput Ka-band broadband satellite to be launched in 2010. The initial value of the contract is said to be in excess of US$24 million over the multi-year framework agreement.

Hughes says it has also agreed to acquire capacity on the HYLAS satellite to expand the managed services it provides to major corporations in a variety of market sectors, including oil and gas, lottery, and retail. This is said to build on the Hughes strategy to deliver broadband Internet access and managed services on the most advanced platforms around the world, including its successful SPACEWAY 3 switch-in-the-sky and recently announced Jupiter high-throughput satellite system. Hughes and Avanti have chosen to work together to build on the competitive advantages that HYLAS will deliver into the European market and the market leading experience Hughes has in delivering Ka-band broadband services in North America, with a proven platform and fully-integrated customer terminals.

Pradman Kaul, chairman and CEO of Hughes commented, "This is truly a win-win relationship. Avanti will break into the market with the combined advantages of HYLAS and our leading, Ka-band satellite networking technology, while Hughes will be able to expand our managed service offerings throughout Europe. Businesses and consumers alike will benefit immensely from this unique combination of strengths."

HYLAS is Avanti's first satellite and has been designed with advanced Ka-band technology to provide high-performance broadcast and data communications services to a wide range of market segments, including broadband Internet access to rural and remote areas underserved by terrestrial networks. The unique characteristics of HYLAS reduce the overall operating costs of satellite services, both in bandwidth utilization and systems hardware.

Hughes, a global specialist in providing broadband satellite networks and services, will supply its HN platform based on the IPoS/DVB-S2 standard with ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation), which is claimed to result in the most efficient utilization of bandwidth.

Opens Call for Entries for 15th Annual Global Mobile Awards

The GSMA, which represents the interests of the mobile communications industry, today announced that the 2010 Mobile World Congress will be held 15-18 February, 2010 at the Fira de Barcelona at Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain. Under the theme of "Vision in Action", the upcoming Mobile World Congress will feature a world-class thought leadership conference including visionary keynotes and insightful panel discussions; an exhibition with more than 1,300 companies showcasing cutting-edge products and technologies; an awards ceremony highlighting the most innovative mobile solutions and initiatives from around the globe; and a venue that facilitates mobile industry networking and business development opportunities. 

"Mobile communications impacts nearly every facet of our lives, whether it's how we conduct business, how we access information and experience content or how we stay connected to friends and family," said Michael O'Hara, chief marketing officer for the GSMA.  "Now, more than ever, the Mobile World Congress provides a forum for participants across the broad mobile communications ecosystem to debate the issues impacting our industry today and to explore the technologies, solutions and services that will shape the mobile future."

Industry leaders will converge in Barcelona to explore topics, such as:

  • Mobile at the heart of business strategy: how mobile is acting as a key enabler for growth across a range of industries
  • Accelerating Mobile Broadband: how the widespread adoption of Mobile Broadband services and embedding mobile in devices will create a truly connected world
  • Creating a new world of applications: how the industry can develop new applications, services and content, as well as the business models to drive success
  • Mobilising the planet: how mobile can positively impact the lives of people around the world

Honouring Achievement in Mobile - 15th Annual Global Mobile Awards
The GSMA also announced that it is now accepting nominations for the Global Mobile Awards 2010, which will be presented at a ceremony on Tuesday, 16 February at the Mobile World Congress. The Global Mobile Awards recognise excellence, achievement and innovation in mobile communications. Twenty-three awards will be given in 11 categories, including:

  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Mobile Advertising and Marketing
  • Best Mobile Services
  • Social and Economic Development
  • Green Mobile
  • Best Technology
  • Mobile Innovation Grand Prix
  • Handsets and Devices
  • Mobile Personality of the Year
  • GSMA Chairman's Award
  • Government Leadership Award

For complete information on the 2010 Global Mobile Awards, including awards categories, criteria and deadlines, visit

In 2009, Mobile World Congress drew approximately 47,000 attendees from the world's largest and most influential mobile operators, software companies, equipment providers, Internet companies and media and entertainment organisations, as well as government delegations. More than 50 per cent of 2009 Mobile World Congress visitors held C-level positions, including more than 2,800 CEOs. 

"The mobile industry continues to be one of the most vibrant and dynamic market segments, stimulating the economy on a local, regional and global scale," continued O'Hara.  "Similarly, Mobile World Congress remains the must-attend event in the mobile industry, providing a critical platform for developing new business opportunities in both the private and public sectors." 

For more information on the 2010 Mobile World Congress, visit

According to Intec, a global provider of business support systems (BSS) solutions, its new Roaming Solution, designed to help remove the complexity from inter-operator roaming revenue settlement, allowing operators to focus on increasing their own roaming revenues while maintaining complete customer and roaming partner satisfaction.  The solution is fully compliant with GSM TAP standards as well as supporting the CDMA CIBER protocol, enabling operators to process traffic as quickly and efficiently as possible, regardless of the type of network they operate.

Based on and as a complement to Intec's interconnect and mediation products, the Intec Roaming revenue management and settlement solution allows operators to be less reliant on third-party data clearing houses, thereby further boosting cashflow and financial transparency.  By bringing control of the roaming settlement processes in-house, operators can integrate roaming as part of a broader wholesale management strategy.  For a group of operators within a parent company, the solution can also function as a group-wide clearing house, providing clear economies of scale and simplified roaming business processes.  For existing Intec wholesale business customers, Intec Roaming provides a clear and cost-effective path to taking charge of all aspects of their roaming operations.

"Our new Roaming Solution enables customers to react faster to industry changes and reduce overall costs associated with roaming traffic," explained Simon Pincus, Intec VP of Product Management. "By helping our customers improve their competitive performance, including a shorter-time-to-market launch for new products, they can concentrate more effectively on their most valuable customers, their high ARPU users."

"As a solution compliant with the policies established by the GSM Association, Intec Roaming provides Vivo with the agility required in a competitive environment, enabling us to close roaming agreements in flexible ways and improve revenue through this type of traffic," said Leo Petersen, Vivo Director of Interconnection and Roaming.  "From a security perspective, the solution is robust, relying on the NRTRDE, HUR and Points of Control modules, thereby guaranteeing successful roaming transactions, while alerting us to possible cases of fraud and preventing revenue loss. The solution is easy-to-use and easy to learn, enabling Vivo to provide it more broadly internally."

Among many key features of Intec's Roaming Solution is support for the GSM Association-defined ‘Rejects and Returns Procedure' (RAP).  RAP provides operators with a mechanism to handle erroneous TAP files and call event records, resulting in fewer TAP files and records reaching any inter-operator dispute process.  This improves inter-operator invoicing and settlement and cuts operating costs.

The solution also supports the new requirements for near real-time roaming data exchange (NRTRDE), which is crucial to minimize potential revenue loss associated with pre-paid roaming.  End-to-end support for the roaming business process is underpinned by Intec's proven, high performance and scalable architecture, providing the user with a robust platform for future growth and change.