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TELES has announced the successful installation and launch of its Mobile Centrex solution at T-Mobile Austria.  The TELES Mobile Centrex solution enables T-Mobile Austria to offer SME customers a complete solution that fulfills both their land line and wireless telephony requirements at a competitive price. Using the service enables the SME's manager to better control their expenses by both turning CAPEX to OPEX and matching the OPEX with the actual corporate size. 

"Using the TELES Mobile Centrex solution we can address the large SME market with a complete, new and unique service that enables our customers to benefit from economic efficiency while, simultaneously, improving the quality of their telephony solution," said Bela Virag, Executive Vice President of Business Marketing at T-Mobile Austria.  "At the same time, we can increase our penetration and generate new revenues with business customers." 

Leveraging the TELES Mobile Centrex solution enables mobile service providers to offer the complete replacement of an in-house PBX with a centrally hosted and managed solution including a software based attendant console for use with standard GSM phones as well as auto attendant service, ad-hoc conference service, voice mail and user presence functionality. 

"The successful launch of the T-Mobile service is an important milestone in our strategy to supply worldwide wireless service providers with advanced telephony solutions that enable them to address the SME market with new, attractive services," said Eyal Ullert, CO of Sales and Marketing at TELES.

Using the system's browser-based Customer Self-care interface, the user can independently manage and configure their service, relieving the mobile service provider of basic, repetitive and costly maintenance.

TELES will be presenting its Mobile Centrex solution at the Barcelona GSM Mobile World Congress.

Unipier, a specialist in Intelligent Policy Management and service delivery solutions, announced today that it will be demonstrating during the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona how operators may use the successful platform of social networks such as Facebook to increase their service exposure and offer profitable community services to their own subscribers.

Based on Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite, service providers will be able to integrate Web 2.0 applications and user generated content into their own service offerings while supporting service marketing policies, subscriber-aware information management and community-based activities. This increases the mobile operators' service value, extending their reach beyond their own networks and bringing the Web 2.0 Internet experience into the mobile arena. 

Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite is said to be the first centralized system with end-to-end solutions for all key policy domains such as service offers and bundles, promotions, viral recommendations and promotions, mobile advertising, loyalty plans, content access control and subscriber privacy management. Unipier will present at their exhibition booth (stand 2D49) new strategies for operators to derive added value from Web 2.0 applications and smoothly interface with profitable mashup services and social network applications, exposing its mobile services in front of new subscriber communities and potential customers.

Unipier has further integrated its Intelligent Policy Manager and mobile advertising solution into Accenture's Service Delivery Platform blueprint. Accenture will perform a feature-rich demonstration of context-aware and location-based insertion of advertisements into Web 2.0 applications at its stand. This cooperation with Accenture further illustrates the ability of Unipier's product to substantially improve the overall user experience through more comprehensive use of subscriber-aware policies and advanced targeting abilities.

As service providers strive to maintain their leadership position and their market share, they must leverage their role in the market and increase their added-value beyond pure network capabilities. Today's open Web 2.0 environment has presented a unique opportunity for them to use their unique service propositions and subscriber assets to further increase their subscribers' reach and service differentiation, through targeted service initiatives and optimization of the user experience. With Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite, service providers are offered, for the first time, a rich set of policy solutions that cover all the key VAS domains across any service channel, including browsing, messaging, voice, video, Web 2.0 & IMS.

"We are proud to demonstrate a set of telecom solutions that will enable operators to fully achieve their potential value," said Gabby Levy, CEO at Unipier. "Unipier has managed to combine the mobile operator's unique subscriber and service assets with the huge potential of user generated content and social network services in a Web 2.0 environment, empowering operators to become ‘Smarter Pipes.' Our joint demonstration with Accenture showcases the importance of Intelligent Policy Management in enabling profitable services."

Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite involves the integration of the most relevant policy solutions into a unified and effective suite. It is based on Unipier's field-proven Intelligent Policy Manager, which offers an intuitive, flow-based user interface for flexible business policy modeling, innovative context management, and a real-time network integration framework. The Suite provides marketers best-practice methods for targeted recommendations and promotions, bundling offers, contextual advertising, viral marketing, access control, service charging and loyalty, privacy and service assurance. Its advanced behavioral targeting methods ensure a significant enhancement of the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Synchronica, an international provider of mobile email and synchronization solutions, will announce Mobile Backup 1.2 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with major feature enhancements to drive up consumer adoption rates and revenue and drive down support costs.

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones as the sole repository for social and business information. For many, the loss of a handset itself is much less traumatic than the loss of the precious contact information, a social network, that it held. For operators, this means a loss of revenue because users will initiate far fewer phone calls and send far fewer text messages during the several months it takes to restore that social network to a new phone. By using Mobile Backup from Synchronica, operators and service providers can prevent loss of ARPU and add value to their services by offering insurance for their subscribers' personal information. If the customer loses or upgrades a phone, the service painlessly restores all of the data to the new device-remotely, over-the-air.

Mobile Backup 1.2 also now features two new intuitive methods that allow consumers to sign up easily and directly from their phone: moves that encourage consumer adoption whilst reducing the support costs traditionally associated with new service roll-outs. Mobile Backup 1.2 features the ability to register for the service through the use of a straightforward WAP interface or alternatively through a simple SMS signup procedure. A built-in client provisioning module automatically configures the phone.

 "With Mobile Backup 1.2 we have made it as simple as possible for large numbers of consumers to sign up for the service directly from their mobile phone, without ever having to touch a call centre or a website," comments Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Synchronica. "No additional software needs to be installed on the phone, a fact that will strongly encourage use by consumers. We expect Mobile Backup 1.2 to boost service adoption rates while also cutting support costs, which is a particularly attractive proposition for those operators in emerging markets where subscriber numbers are growing by 25% per year."

Aberdeen Group predicts that another 1 billion people will be added to global mobile networks by 2011. The analyst group believes that the majority of these new subscribers will come from emerging markets such as India, Africa, and the Middle East, where PC-based internet access is relatively low and mass-market feature phones predominate. Therefore, Synchronica has now made its mobile backup and restore solution accessible to consumers via WAP or SMS, without requiring access to a PC or speaking to a call centre. Based on the dominant OMA DS (SyncML) standard, Mobile Backup 1.2 is able to work with the built-in SyncML clients found in more than 1.5 billion phones in use today, including many models from major vendors such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, and Samsung.

Spotigo has developed a positioning application based on its WiFi-based Positioning Solution "WiPS" for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The tool will enable visitors to see their current position on a fairground's map and to find their way at the venue. MWC visitors will get an idea of all the opportunities this technology is offering for the Location Based Services market: Any WiFi device or WiFi tagged item can be located just by the received WiFi signal patterns. It works independently from GPS, indoors and it is often faster than traditional positioning methods. No broadband connection is necessary.

The application will be available as a free download on Spotigo's website by Monday, 11th  February. It can be installed on any WiFi-enabled Windows Mobile device. 

Daniel Pruemers, Managing Director of Spotigo states:  "The Mobile World Congress is one of the most important events for the mobile broadband and LBS market. Spotigo is glad to offer an application using our trailblazing WiFi-based Positioning Solution WiPS in this surrounding. Of course, location tracking on fairgrounds is just one possible deployment scenario for WiPS. Our technology also enables companies to offer services like POI search, WiFi-guided indoor and outdoor tours, location-based advertising, employee and equipment tracking, location-aware community concepts and much more."

The Spotigo WiPS application for the Mobile World Congress will be available for free download on

Comptel Corporation, the vendor of Operations Support System (OSS) software, has today revealed the results of independent research into managing telecoms product complexity.  The independent research, undertaken on behalf of Comptel by Analysys Research, has highlighted the fact that operators across the globe are struggling to manage increased complexity in telecoms products.  84 per cent of operators interviewed agreed that product management was a major challenge and most said that their existing OSS/BSS systems were inadequate in dealing with it.

Operators need to provide a wide portfolio of services, packaged in a variety of ways, in order to meet their customers' increasingly sophisticated needs and remain competitive.  Yet managing the complexities associated with these services and packages is causing a major head-ache for operators. Virtually every service offering requires some action to take place in the network or in a software layer, and when services are combined into packages, the number of actions increases dramatically.  Tom Harden, analyst at Analysys Research, commented:  "There is demand from operators for solutions to help link customer-facing commercial views of products with technical network views of component services.  Most of the operators we spoke to were facing challenges in managing increasingly complex products." 

The research, which polled over 20 global operators in both the fixed-line and mobile sectors, showed that operators were aware of the need to update their product management solutions to take account of aggressive product roadmaps, increased costs and inadequacies in other core systems - most notably billing.  In addition 79 per cent of the operators questioned in the survey mentioned that they see the value of implementing a centralised catalog solution to support their daily operations or as a key element in their future IT architecture.

Jukka Nyman, director of business intelligence and strategy at Comptel, said:  "The results of the research were surprising in that there was very little regional variety in the responses.  Operators in Europe and Asia Pacific were both very similar in their understanding of the challenges surrounding product management, with only the Middle East showing a slightly lower appreciation of these.  It was also clear that most operators, whether fixed or mobile, have a very poor understanding of the role Service Catalog solutions, such as Comptel's, can play in helping to manage this complexity."

MegaFon has extended its cooperation with Nokia Siemens Networks for the supply of 2G GSM/EDGE infrastructure and network and service management solution. Under the agreement worth 320 million Euros signed between the two companies, Nokia Siemens Networks will also supply its cutting edge WCDMA/HSPA technology and related 3G Core network upgrades to the regions of Russia.

The agreement covers future network extensions and supplies, including GSM/GPRS/EDGE, as well as WCDMA/HSPA solutions from Nokia Siemens Networks. This is a three-year frame agreement until the end of 2010.

The state-of-art next generation mobile network supplied by Nokia Siemens Networks to be constructed in the selected regions will offer subscribers a rich internet experience that will support speeds up to 7.2 Mbit/s with the possibility of further increase up to 14 Mbit/s. This will become a platform for MegaFon portfolio of next generation data services.

Nokia Siemens Networks will also deliver related Services, including network implementation and integration services, project management, competence development training for MegaFon's staff, and technical support services.

"As the leading GSM mobile operator in Russia, MegaFon is determined to invest in advanced infrastructure. This extension shows our commitment to offer superior services to our customers. Nokia Siemens Networks is a partner that understands our vision and has technological expertise and deep experience to help to achieve our goal", says Alexei Nichiporenko, First Deputy of MegaFon's CEO.

"We have been working closely with MegaFon for over a decade and are very pleased with the extension of our cooperation. We are looking forward to supporting MegaFon to enhance the coverage and quality of its advanced service offering and thus strengthen its leadership in the Russian telecom landscape," says Kristina Tikhonova, Head of CBT MegaFon, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Ericsson and Denmark's largest operator, TDC, have signed the largest full-scope managed services contract in the Nordic region. It is the first time an incumbent operator has entered a managed services agreement with such a broad scope. The strategic partnership will see Ericsson manage, develop and modernize TDC's entire mobile network.
Under the seven-year agreement, Ericsson will be responsible for the management, operation, network design and performance management of TDC's mobile network, including field operations. Ericsson, through a single-source contract, will also provide GSM/WCDMA radio access and common core network equipment, and a wide range of services to support network expansions, including HSPA upgrades.
Ericsson will initially replace TDC's existing radio equipment, including more than 1000 base stations, to implement a single-vendor network. Ericsson will also provide a comprehensive range of professional services, such as network deployment and systems integration.
As part of the agreement, about 220 skilled TDC employees will be transferred to Ericsson, further strengthening Ericsson's services leadership and existing services capabilities. The employees will be offered a position in one of the fastest-growing business areas in Ericsson. The contract will come into effect in March 2008.
Jens Alder, CEO, TDC, says: "With Ericsson as our strategic partner, we are well placed to build on our leading market position. This contract, the first of its kind for TDC, will allow us to focus on our core business and deliver world-class services to our customers."
Carl-Henric Svanberg, President and CEO, Ericsson, says: "We are proud to have been chosen by TDC and entrusted with the end-to-end management, operation and development of the entire mobile network. We will certainly do our utmost to deliver world-class technology services to TDC's customers in Denmark."

Boingo Wireless and Cicero Networks have announced that they will demonstrate mobile VoIP and IM over Wi-Fi on dual-mode handsets using Boingo's Wi-Fi Hotspots at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The companies' combined fixed mobile convergence technology is targeted at mobile operators and service providers, who can offer it to their subscribers as a flexible, low-cost calling plan. Subscribers can simply install Boingo Mobile and CiceroPhone wVoIP clients on their Wi-Fi enabled Nokia and Windows Mobile handsets, allowing them to make and receive wVoIP calls at any of Boingo's tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

Boingo Mobile software identifies Boingo-enabled hotspots and automatically authenticates users. CiceroPhone is a VCC-enabled multi-mode softphone that intelligently routes calls over Wi-Fi/broadband and cellular networks. Installed alongside Boingo Mobile, CiceroPhone enables wVoIP and IM services and importantly, allows seamless in-call roaming between Boingo hotspots and cellular networks.

Boingo and Cicero have recently partnered with UK Internet telephony provider, Velofone, who bundle Boingo Mobile and CiceroPhone as part of the company's Velofone Mobile wVoIP service for international business travelers.

"The combination of Boingo Mobile's widespread global Wi-Fi network and Cicero's simple-to-use, feature-rich wVoIP client means Velofone Mobile subscribers have access to over 60,000 hotspot locations across 85 countries where they can automatically make mobile VoIP calls, significantly reducing their international mobile roaming costs," said Mark Gordon, CEO, Velofone.

"Boingo Mobile subscribers are already reaping the benefits of an easy-to-use, affordable, and widely covered connection plan on their mobile handsets," said TJ Noto, Director of Business Development, Boingo. "The Boingo Mobile and CiceroPhone combination gives users the flexibility to make and receive inexpensive and unlimited VoIP calls in locations they frequent the most - airports, hotels, and cafés all over the world."

"By using CiceroPhone at Boingo locations, these users can tap into the additional cost savings and flexibility enabled by wireless VoIP very simply and efficiently," said Elaine Treacy, VP of Marketing, Cicero Networks. "Boingo Mobile eliminates any pain associated with using your phone at a hotspot and extends the reach of wVoIP to thousands of public locations."

Agillic, the specialist in Customer Lifecycle Marketing (CLM) is to showcase the latest release of its CLM solution in Barcelona.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing is giving marketing professionals greater flexibility and control to communicate with entire customer bases individually. Most operators struggle connecting with differentiated customer expectations. With CLM, operators are able to treat every customer as their only one by building cost-effective relationships that create real emotional ties.

Agillic's presence at Mobile World Congress will focus on its ability to transform the customer experience across every stage of the lifecycle.  Already deployed by a number of leading operators, Agillic has proved that immediate customer satisfaction is possible by the implementation of fast, proven marketing programmes.  With on-demand deployment options, operators benefit from easy-to-set-up trial solutions.  These are up and running in less than 8 weeks and provide tangible business results in as little as three months. 

"Today's customers want convenience.  They are used to the relevancy and speed provided by search engines.  They expect this same level of accuracy to transcend to all their requirements and at the exact moment they need it" explains Carsten Hyldahl, Agillic's CTO.   "CLM gives operators the ability to interact with customers in real time by instantly acting on customer behaviour.   The results of combining relevance of message with accurate customer timing are powerful - operators already adopting CLM are witnessing significant improvements in retention and ARPU".

Visitors to Agillic's exhibition stand during Mobile World Congress will be able to feel the effect of communicating relevant messages to customers on a 1-to-1 basis, consistently across SMS, the web, mobile portal, direct mail and customer services.   Agillic will be in Hall 1, Stand 1D70 between 11-14 February 2008.  More information on the importance of personalising the customer experience can be found in Gartner's Dataquest Insight Report - "New Solutions to Personalise the Customer Experience".

Pulvermedia today announced details regarding the conference, speakers
and sponsors for the eleventh annual VON Europe Spring event, set to take
place 2-5 June 2008 in Amsterdam. The upcoming event, now branded as VON.x
will address the unprecedented changes taking place in the Internet
Communications industry.

"VON.x in Amsterdam will discuss how today's diverse networks will soon
transition to IP, to create a single, unified infrastructure that produces
next-generation communications services, and enables intelligent handheld
devices to take over many of the tasks performed today by PCs," said Bob
Emmerson, European Editor for VON Magazine, and one of the content creators
for VON.x Europe, based in Amsterdam. "VON.x Europe will focus on wireless
technologies, and unified communications more than any previous VON event
has, and it's sure to be one of the most leading-edge events of the year."

The five comprehensive tracks at VON.x Europe are: Wireless Futures;
the Innovators Forum; "Unified Everything"; Video on the Move; and Voice on
the Net. Featured presentations include a keynote address by Skype's Chief
Product Strategist, Rodrigo Madanes. Industry Perspectives are planned for
Jeff Pulver, Founder and Chairman of Pulvermedia; Mitel Network's Chairman,
Terry Matthews; Eric Lennon, CTO for UPC Broadband Holding Services, BV;
and Digium's CTO and Founder Mark Spencer.

Almost 100 of Europe's foremost thought leaders are presenting at the
conference, sharing their views on the current and future state of IP
communications in Europe, and around the globe. 

VON.x Europe Spring in Amsterdam is sponsored by Polycom, X-Connect,
and Belgacom. Media sponsors include: European Communications;
ConnectWorld; Euro Innovations; Juniper Research; Total Telecom; TVOverNet;
Voice Compas; VoIP News; PR Newswire; and VON Magazine. For a complete
listing of Europe's leading IP-based communications companies participating
in the expo, please visit:

Pulvermedia also announced today that it will host the first European
edition of Digium Asterisk World, on the expo floor, and in adjoining
conference rooms at VON.x Europe. This event will discuss the myriad of
issues affecting open source communications, and it will help developers
and channel organizations leverage the opportunities, and minimize the
threats brought on by the wide-spread emergence of open source

Anite, a specialist in testing technology for the wireless industry and AT4 wireless, a global supplier of testing services for wired and wireless technologies, today announced that AT4 wireless' WiMAX Forum Accredited Lead Test Lab based in Malaga, Spain will use Anite's AS8140 Mobile WiMAX Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) System for the PCT testing of WiMAX mobile devices and base stations.

Anite's Mobile WiMAX PCT Test system is based on IEEE 802.16-2005 Corrigendum 2, Draft 3, as specified by the WiMAX Forum. The system provides for extensive configuration of Physical and MAC layer protocol parameters for certification and development of WiMAX devices through the provision of comprehensive logging of protocol messages, debugging and analysis tools.

The modular design of Anite's AS8140 Mobile WiMAX PCT test system enables the AT4 wireless Lab to perform simultaneous certification testing of multiple devices. This increases the Lab's capacity to perform certification testing and gives flexibility in allowing various combinations of mobile devices and base stations to be tested.

"PCT is a critical part of the WiMAX Forum certification testing process", said Fernando E. Hardasmal, Deputy General Manager, AT4 wireless. "We are delighted to add Anite's Mobile WiMAX test system to our WiMAX certification Lab here in Malaga ."

"The addition of Anite's Mobile WiMAX PCT test system will significantly enhance AT4 wireless' WiMAX certification capabilities" said Jose de la Plaza, Wireless Laboratory Manager, AT4 Wireless. "It further strengthens our position as the lead WiMAX Forum Certification test Lab."

"Anite is delighted that our Mobile WiMAX Protocol Conformance Test system will be used in the lead WiMAX certification Lab." said Praveen Kumar, Vice President, WiMAX Products, Anite. "This will build on Anite's existing relationship with AT4 wireless as the only WiMAX Forum approved provider of Fixed WiMAXTM PCT certification test systems."

Subex, a provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions for communications service providers, has today announced it has been awarded a contract from Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia's leading telecom operator, to implement the NikiraTM V6.1 Fraud Management System. The solution will help safeguard the company from a range of potential risks, including subscription fraud and network fraud.

As a result of the implementation Telekom Slovenije, will benefit from the early detection of fraud, as well as productivity improvement through reduction of false alarms and efficient workflows that are built in to Nikira.

Tomaz Kraskovic, Director Finance, Telekom Slovenije, said, "We selected the Subex Nikira Fraud Management System as it showed the best solution fit to our extensive real-time fraud detection requirements. Furthermore Nikira has some unique capabilities especially related to the detection of next generation fraud types, which will become more and more important. We are looking forward to the benefits unfolding as the system rolls out."

Sudeesh Yezhuvath, COO, Subex Ltd, said, "The Nikira V6.1 Fraud Management suite is designed to safeguard operators who are rapidly expanding their subscriber numbers and new service bundles.  As a result, Telekom Slovenije will benefit from a reduction in business risk and an increase in productivity, enabling it to deliver efficient and quick services to its customers."


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