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Huawei Technologies, a provider of next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators, and Qualcomm, have today announced the completion of Europe's first MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) field trial, carried out in conjunction with Telecom Italia.

MBMS technology is based on 3GPP standards and supports multicast and broadcast services, allowing speeds of up to 256kbps on a mobile device. The trial, which was conducted by means of Huawei's MBMS solution, together with handsets powered by Qualcomm's MSM7201A chipset, demonstrated MBMS service deliveries of between 128kbps and 256 kbps under various indoor and outdoor MBMS channel conditions.
Test results also indicated that MBMS technologies, in some conditions, enable greater service reception and capacity than expected, which is said to enhance MBMS' potential within the commercial network environment.

By utilising existing UMTS/HSPA networks and frequencies, MBMS technology promises to provide more value-added and innovative mobile multimedia multicast/broadcast and interactive services to end-users.

This technical trial was said to be crucial in understanding the potential of MBMS technology to enable new multimedia multicast and broadcast services by utilising existing UMTS/HSPA networks and frequencies.

Steve Mollenkopf, senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, said, "This milestone in the development of MBMS technology is important in bringing the benefits of mobile TV to wireless users with network operators being able to leverage their existing infrastructure. We are happy to be working with Huawei and Telecom Italia on bringing MBMS to market, and look forward to further accomplishments with this technology."

Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei's wireless product line, said, "MBMS not only can provide mobile TV services but it can also carry other mobile data broadcasting services, such as mobile advertising and newspapers. It supports a number of value-added mobile services and applications, significantly increasing profitability for 3G operators. MBMS technology is set to become one of the most competitive multicast and broadcast technologies. Huawei plans to continually innovate to ensure that future products and solutions are of the highest possible standard."

MERA Systems has announced the introduction of Helpdesk as a key interface used for customer care service. The Helpdesk enables prioritization and automatic escalation of requests, ensuring that customer's Service Level Agreement (SLA) is fulfilled.

MERA customers can submit trouble tickets at company's Helpdesk to complain about system errors of the MERA products deployed on their networks and file service requests. Trouble tickets may be allocated to technical support or customer care department. Technical support team processes installation and setup requests registers software errors and consults customers about products' functionality and configuration. Customer Care team deals with suggestions of how to improve products' functionality or accompanying documentation and marketing materials.

Users can also benefit from information sections available at Helpdesk. The News section covers relevant information about MERA products and new services. The Download section features the latest versions of product documentation and release notes. The Knowledgebase section includes the list of issues reported and fixed in different versions of MERA products and the list of functionality enhancements planned for future product releases. The lists are mainly based on MERA customers' suggestions.

MERA Systems launched the Helpdesk in late 2007 but the service already proved to be worthwhile. The results of the poll conducted among MERA Helpdesk users in March 2008 show that 80% of the respondents have rated the quality of technical support provided via Helpdesk as high. The average grade was 4.3 out of 5. The majority of customers rated their satisfaction with the professional competence of engineers as 4.5. On the whole, more than two thirds of respondents expressed their confidence that the quality of the technical support service improved since MERA Helpdesk was launched. The rest of the customers remained neutral about the changes.

MERA Helpdesk not only allows for high quality of customer service but also facilitates communication between MERA staff and clientele. The service provided via Helpdesk is now extended to a new 24x7 schedule. Technical support was available on weekends only in emergency situations, but now customers can address MERA staff anytime. The new schedule ensures promptness and efficiency of the service.

MERA staff continues working on enhancing Helpdesk capabilities according to customers' requests. Within the next 6 months the company plans to introduce a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), add information about new products and a forum for customers.

The company invites its new customers to explore the benefits of Helpdesk: visit information sections, submit comments and suggestions. MERA Systems aims at taking customer service to the new level and will work further to meet immediate needs of the company's clientele. 

Staying ahead of the technology curve is not easy, but understanding its impact on your business is even more of a challenge. TM Forum Management World gives you your annual opportunity to get up to speed with the latest industry implementation best practice, as well as the important emerging industry standards, to save you time and increase profitability in the long run! Book now and save up 30% on pre-registration - ends soon.

Hear Verizon, Swisscom, IBM, BT and Mobikom Austria's discuss the impact of Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) on their operational systems and how application of SOA can enable you deploy services rapidly and in a more structured manner. Also find out how your systems can benefit from the TM Forum Prosspero program. Hear how Telefonica, Sky, Vodafone and BT all implement TM Forum Prosspero interfaces to reduce implementation risks, improve time to market and eliminate inefficiencies from their management environment.

The TM Forum Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and Applications Framework (TAM) are widely used throughout the industry. Hear the latest on the how these are being implemented by other services providers, including Vodafone, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and Telecom Italia.

The TM Forum, with almost 700 members has a greater reach than any other organization in its market, so register now for Management World 2008 to get the best information and contacts from across the information, communications and entertainment industry.

iBAHN, a provider of digital converged services for hoteliers, has completed the installation of Secure High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) in the luxurious Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux, a member of the Rezidor Hotel Group.

The prestigious hotel, which has 150 rooms including 22 suites underwent a complete renovation in early 2008, installing iBAHN's technology and upgrading the rooms into modern, state-of-the-art spaces. As a result, iBAHN's HSIA services are now available across the entire hotel, including all guest rooms, conference spaces, Internet PC's and public areas, which offer wired and wireless access.

The Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux is a popular choice for the premium business traveller market, who value connectivity services highly in their preferred hospitality destination. Offering guests the ability to confidently access the internet, with a high quality of service and 24/7 technical support in local languages, was a crucial objective for the hotel's upgrade.

Dominique Lapeyre, IT Manager, Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux, comments:
"I'm very satisfied with the iBAHN offering. Beyond the quality of the HSIA, iBAHN's technical staff, installation procedures and network supervision were second to none."

Graeme Powell, managing director EMEA, iBAHN, comments: "The business traveller community demands the best from all hotels. Following the completion of the Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux's renovation, any guest can be assured of not only the best standards in hospitality service, but also the highest standards in speed, security and availability of Internet access."

With over 1,000 square meters of function space; 13 conference rooms and
4 foyers the Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux hosts some of the most exclusive events with room for up to 400 people. iBAHN ensures the seamless connectivity for hundreds of conferences, taking away the fear factor for hotel staff and conference organisers, whilst contributing thousands of Euros to the hotels conference revenue.

Comptel, a leading provider of fulfillment solutions for broadband, mobile and next-generation IP networks, is to acquire Axiom Systems (Axiom), a UK-based software product company focusing on the broadband fulfillment market. The acquisition is said to give Comptel a strong position to capitalize the growing investments of service providers to new IP-based services, like VoIP and IPTV.

Axiom is a specialist in IP fulfillment and has a good market position in Europe as well as key customers in Asia-Pacific. Net sales of Axiom were GBP 7.8 million (EUR 11.5 million) and the company was EBITDA negative in 2007. Axiom has currently 87 employees. The net sales in 2008 are estimated to grow about 15%. Consolidation of Axiom is estimated to increase Comptel net sales around 10% in 2008. Axiom's EBITDA impact to Comptel in 2008 is expected to be neutral before one-off items, which are estimated to be EUR 1 million.

Mr Sami Erviö, President and CEO of Comptel, comments: "I am enthusiastic about this acquisition, since now Comptel is uniquely strongly positioned to support its customers in automating the delivery and management of new IP-based services like IPTV. With Axiom we are a leading provider of service fulfillment solutions for fixed, mobile and convergent operators and service providers. Axiom has excellent IP network competencies and has proven capabilities for next generation service fulfillment. Together we are well positioned globally and especially strong in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. We now have the right competencies, the leading customers and the presence to gain market share in the emerging all-IP network based fixed-mobile convergent telecom industry."

Please make a note in your diary:

Отметьте, пожалуйста, в своем ежедневнике:

May 12 -16   Krasnaya Presnya
Andrew, a CommScope Company
Booth 21D55 Hall 2

С 12 по 16 мая в Экспоцентре на Красной Пресне
Компания Andrew
Стенд 21D55 Зал 2

Find out how Andrew can help Connect your customers, Optimize your network, and Grow your business as the telecommunications industry's needs evolve beyond hardware and component solutions.
At this year's SVIAZ Expocomm, Andrew will present total, integrated solutions about how operators can:

В условиях, когда потребности индустрии связи выходят за пределы отдельных аппаратных и компонентных решений, компания Andrew способна помочь вам в решении задач Подключения абонентов, Оптимизации сети и Роста бизнеса.
В этом году на выставке СВЯЗЬ-ЭКСПОКОММ компания Andrew представит универсальные интегрированные решения, обеспечивающие для операторов связи следующие преимущества:

Connect - design, implement and build their networks with unmatched CapEx efficiency and maximum connectivity.
Optimize - monitor, test and control their network with minimal sites, maximum coverage, and optimal OpEx efficiency.
Grow - expand their businesses by providing customers the most innovative and reliable services, while accelerating revenue.

Подключение - разработка, реализация и внедрение сетей с максимально возможной связностью, обеспечивающих значительное повышение эффективности капитальных затрат.
Оптимизация - организация системы контроля, испытания и управления сетями операторов с максимальной территорией охвата при оптимальной эффективности эксплуатационных затрат.
Рост - расширение бизнеса операторов связи за счет внедрения самых современных и надежных услуг, обеспечивающих увеличение доходов операторов

At Andrew's booth, HALL 2 21D55, You will find:

На стенде компании Andrew № 21D55 в зале 2 вы найдете:

  •  Our Node A, the new modularly scalable selective repeater, ideal to extend multi-band high-quality voice or high-speed data services to difficult areas
  • Узел А - новый селективный репитер модульной конструкции, идеальное решение для предоставления услуг высокоскоростной передачи данных и многодиапазонной передачи голоса с высоким качеством для труднодоступных регионов
  •  A full line of base station antennas, including those for globally allocated WiMAX frequency bands
  • Полная линейка моделей антенн для базовых станций, в том числе работающих в диапазонах частот, выделенных для технологии WiMAX
  • A comprehensive and cost-effective selection of our high performance copper and aluminum cable family
  • Комплексная система выбора экономически эффективных высокопроизводительных медных и алюминиевых кабелей из широкого ассортимента кабельной продукции
  • Test Equipment and Optimization Software, such as our Invex3G® wireless network test drive system
  • Испытательное оборудование и оптимизационное ПО, в частности, система тестирования беспроводных сетей Invex3G®
  • High level solution sets for in-building aimed to drive fresh new revenue for mobile operators and greater productivity and service experience for end users.
  • Набор высокоуровневых решений для применения внутри помещений с целью привлечения новых источников доходов для операторов сотовой связи, а также увеличения эффективности и приобретения опыта использования новых услуг для конечных пользователей.

We look forward to seeing you!

To set-up a meeting or if you have any questions please contact

+7 495 232 9010

Будем рады видеть вас на нашем стенде!

По всем возникающим вопросам, в том числе связанным с организацией персональных встреч, обращайтесь на электронный адрес

Huawei Technologies, a specialist in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators, has announced that it will provide access network components to help Telecom Italia deploy a Next Generation Network (NGN2) in the Milan area.

Huawei will provide Telecom Italia with its Fibre to the Building (FTTB) solution, comprising SmartAX MA5600Tand MA5606T, which incorporates GPON and VDSL2 (Very High Bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) technologies. These technologies enable broadband connection speeds of up to 100Mbps? delivering better ultra broadband experiences to the operator's customers. The solution is built on Terabit architecture, which provides a future-proof platform for Telecom Italia to roll out additional ultra broadband services.

"We are proud to further our partnership with Telecom Italia," added Mr. William Xu, President of Europe Region, Huawei Technologies. "As the exclusive provider of FTTB technologies to Telecom Italia in the Milan area, we are committed to delivering a high-quality service. We will spare no effort in helping Telecom Italia extend its leadership in the dynamic and fast-growing broadband market."

Comarch has received the Award for Innovation at "Innovationspreis 2008" for its product, Virtual Consulting Services (VCS). VCS provides a technological platform for the web based collaboration of end users. In all, 1600 products were submitted for "Innovationspreis 2008", which awards products in 33 categories.

The "Innovationspreis" of the "Initiative Mittelstand" (initiative for SME) is awarded annually to solutions which provide, in particular, small and medium sized companies with new possibilities of applications.

VCS was one of 10 products in the Web 2.0 category which particularly excelled in utility, innovativeness, and suitability for small and medium sized companies. In a joint session, VCS users will see the same content, mouse movements and keyboard entries in their respective browsers as their fellow users. In this way, they virtually navigate together, simultaneously on one website. With VCS, the ideal of synchronous co browsing becomes a reality. Comarch's solution closes the gap between real life social networks and those of the online world. It offers application possibilities in the fields of e-commerce, e-consulting, e-learning, and e-government.

"The VCS application may be used with heterogeneous terminals (PC, mobile, PDA, etc.) and is configured through a customizable client interface. Additional software or plug-ins need not be installed," says Anna Filipiak, President of Comarch Software AG.

This already marks the second time Comarch has been the recipient of an award. In 2007, OCEAN GenRap, a solution for visualizing database analyses, won an award in the Reporting category. This product is now routinely integrated into Comarch Altum, a new ERP system introduced this year at CeBIT.

Comarch announces the launch of OSS Mobile Network Integration - a preconfigured OSS solution for GSM/UMTS operators, who search for a NGOSS concept based product, in the area of inventory management or service assurance. The software bundle is based on Comarch OSS Suite - a network and service management platform and is the result of years of experience in OSS projects with large European mobile operators.

"The most important factor in the OSS Mobile Network Integration is that it is based on best practices proven in the industry and is intended to help operators decrease integration costs - the largest headache for OSS managers. The integration bundle tailored for mobile operators is the result of a long history of successful OSS implementations and is a very important part of our strategy of promoting our strong portfolio in the mobile market," says Piotr Pi?tosa, VP Telecommunications, Comarch SA.

The solution contains pre-integrated components realizing best practices and the processes of readiness, assurance and fulfilment from the eTOM framework, along with an extensive library of preconfigured adapters - components dedicated for integration with most popular software and hardware vendors and standardized APIs. The solution contains integration libraries for network domains common for all mobile operators, such as radio access, backhaul and core transport, physical inventory and IT infrastructure.

Thanks to its experience, Comarch has been able to provide set of specialized products which have been successfully implemented in multiple networks. Originating from configuration and fault management systems, the Comarch OSS Suite consequently developed its own solutions into a powerful and flexible family of modern products. Today, the platform covers areas like resource and service inventory management, top-down service assurance, reconciliation and provisioning strategies and process management with workflow and automations.

"One of the advantages of developing Comarch OSS Suite is an opportunity to have an inside view of the operators' businesses. From this perspective it becomes obvious that despite geographical, architectural, cultural and scale differences, mobile operators share a number of similarities. They all struggle with the full planning-operational inventory lifecycle, work towards a complete network-service view, look for constant process optimization in a contract-driven architecture and, quite often, must integrate the same vendors. OSS Mobile Integration, a pre-configured platform based on best practices adapted from the market, provides a well-proven solution for these challenges," says Krzysztof Jasek, OSS Product Manager, Comarch SA.

Jaymie Scotto & Associates, a PR & Marketing firm for the telecommunications industry, awarded Comarch with first place at the fourth JS&A Top EXPO Marketing Awards, which took place at the COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2008 Convention & EXPO.

The JS&A Top EXPO Marketing Award recognizes the top three COMPTEL PLUS exhibitors who have creatively promoted their booth presence to the COMPTEL PLUS' targeted marketplace. These top exhibitors were selected according to the amount of Marketing Credits they accrue before and during the COMPTEL PLUS trade show. Exhibitors earned these credits by arranging meetings at their booth, posting show information on their websites and in their newsletters, distributing free EXPO passes to their prospects, staffing their booth during all hours of the EXPO, and other creative marketing and communication initiatives. Comarch won first place for marketing efforts in promotional actions at the Comptel Show.

"We plan our marketing actions before each event very carefully. A team of professionals prepares a plan and keeps to the event marketing strategy by sending personalized invitations to trade show customers, creating dedicated websites and posting information to various IT and telecommunications media outlets," says Dariusz Ner, Vice President, Business Development, Comarch Inc.

Sigma Systems has announced that its IP service fulfilment solution has surpassed managing over 100 million bundled IP services for communications service providers globally. The company's advanced IP service fulfilment solutions, which enable efficient delivery of new services such as VoIP, IPTV, mobile and broadband data services over any network technology to any device, continue to drive Sigma's success in well over 50 deployments worldwide.

"We are proud to be ensuring the highest levels of service fulfilment and satisfaction for our service provider customers who are, in turn, providing their own customers with an unprecedented service experience," said Tim Spencer, President and COO for Sigma Systems. "Our extensive market deployments in the IP service fulfilment space is bolstered by the strength of our solutions, the company's strong financial performance and our recognized expertise in IP service fulfilment. Sigma remains poised for continued and accelerating growth in the cable space and holds significant growth potential within the wireless, telco and satellite markets."

Sigma's customers include some of the largest service providers in the world, with more than 50 successful installations in North America, EMEA, CALA and AsiaPac. In addition, Sigma boasts the most widely deployed residential VoIP service management solution, with over six million lines of voice telephony deployed worldwide.

"The broadband IP services market will grow 18% CAGR through 2011 according to OSS Observer's Communications Service Provider Market Review, September 2007. Cable MSOs and telcos alike are increasing their investments in service fulfilment for both commercial and residential services," said Larry Goldman, Founder and Senior Analyst at OSS Observer. "With its triple play deployment history, Sigma Systems is well positioned to capitalise in these market segments."

"We see three key trends affecting the requirements for IP service fulfilment platforms within the service provider market," adds Sigma's Tim Spencer. "The number of services is exploding in this everything-on-demand (X-OD) application environment. People are accessing services and content with a wide range of devices. Thirdly, two-sided-business models and the supporting enablers that allow service providers and their partners the freedom to roll out a broad range of IP Services are paramount to their collective long-term success."

Proxim Wireless, a specialist in core-to-client solutions for broadband wireless networks, today announced that it has provided Tsunami MP.11 5054 radios for a wireless network in Russia to MSS Povolzhie, an Internet service provider and subsidiary of Megafon.  This network will enable broadband Internet access for a population of over 32 million residents as well as businesses in a 2,500 square kilometre region.  The contract was won in conjunction with RK Telecom and Geyser, Proxim's partners in Russia.

Prior to the installation of the Proxim Wireless network, the residents of Sberbank, Nafta and Lukoil in the Samara region had no broadband access to the Internet.  Megafon recognised that the businesses and residents needed a service that could offer broadband data and VoIP connectivity and evaluated the market for a flexible and scalable solution.  Megafon required a wide frequency range - 5.150 to 6.080GHz - and channel sizes of 5, 10, and 20 MHz in a single product for deployment flexibility.  Megafon's specification also demanded IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Quality of Service (QoS) for the wireless metropolitan access network. 

"The residents and businesses in the region are really pleased to finally have broadband Internet access.  Following the success of this project, we are now planning to extend Internet access to all regions of Povolzhie, starting with deployments in the larger cities," said Michael Borodko, Head of Information Technology Department, OJSC MSS Povolzhie.  "We have been extremely pleased with the rapid installation and the reliable performance of the wireless network.  It is robust and scalable as well as being flexible and therefore able to accommodate our specific requirements."

RK Telecom and Geyser specified the wireless network:  "Proxim Wireless equipment allowed us to deploy a network, enabling high performance long range broadband access services to a large number of customers for the right price," said Mr. Druzhkov Nikolay, Commercial Director at RK Telecom. 

"This installation demonstrates the flexibility, scalability and reliability of our Tsunami product line.  Russia is an important growth area for Proxim Wireless, offering significant opportunities, and it is good to know that we have the right products to meet the specialised requirements of that market," Lionel Chmilewsky, Executive VP Worldwide Sales at Proxim Wireless.

Telekom Austria is using access equipment from RAD Data Communications to deliver its advanced "EtherLink" Ethernet services. The Austrian telecommunications provider is offering the managed Layer 2 services to enterprise and wholesale customers nationwide. Thanks to customer-located, OAM-enabled (operations, administration and maintenance) Ethernet network termination units (E-NTUs) - ETX-102 and ETX-202 devices from RAD - Telekom Austria can respond swiftly and efficiently if a network fault occurs. Their ability to provide intelligent demarcation between the customers' and operator's networks, end-to-end management of services across the entire network, and differentiation and prioritization of network applications, RAD's E-NTUs create the right basis for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

"With ETX E-NTUs from RAD, we are able to offer sophisticated, highly flexible and scalable services inexpensively on our Layer 2 infrastructure," says Helmut Leopold, Director of Platform and Technology Management at Telekom Austria TA AG. "They not only enable our customers to implement a raft of new applications, they can also carry Layer 3 services without compromising on quality. As a core component in our EtherLink offering, RAD's E-NTUs fit perfectly with our infrastructure and interoperate problem-free with our existing equipment. Above all, they've proven their worth when it comes to monitoring, error management, and remote configuration and are helping to significantly reduce our SLA fulfillment costs."

End-to-end management up to customers' premises The ETX-102 and ETX-202 are intelligent demarcation devices owned and operated by the service provider and installed at customer premises.

With traffic engineering and remote access capabilities to enable monitoring and troubleshooting at the official transition point to the customer's network, they ensure exceptionally reliable provisioning of Ethernet services. Designed to carry Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet traffic, the ETX units also provide extensive error-detection and diagnostic functionalities that allow carriers and service providers to meet a broad range of customer requirements and to offer binding SLAs with QoS guarantees across the entire service path. RAD's ETX products are certified to the Metro Ethernet Forum's MEF-9 and MEF-14 standards and conform to the IEEE 802.1ag standard.

A key element in managed services
"With its ETX devices, RAD not only offers reliable and standards-compliant NTUs, it also supports OAM functionalities for simple point-to-point applications as well as more sophisticated multipoint services," explains Volker Bendzuweit, General Manager of RAD Data Communications for the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). "Today, OAM is a 'must have' in carrier-class Ethernet technology. It enables carriers and service providers to proactively monitor and control services and to take immediate action if a fault occurs. Telekom Austria's EtherLink services are an outstanding example of an innovative approach to managed network services, and we're proud to be playing a crucial role in the delivery of these services by providing capabilities for remote management all the way to customer premises."

"We are delighted that our expertise has helped to provide the right E-NTU solution for the EtherLink services," says Wolfgang Krones, General Manager of ITM, the local RAD partner supplying the equipment to Telekom Austria. "Having evaluated a number of different solutions, Telekom Austria decided in favor of the ETX products, because they offer the greatest number of OAM features at an affordable price."

Mobile streamed and broadcast TV services will become the most lucrative delivery channels for mobile advertising by 2010, according to a new report by Juniper Research.  The report says that total annual adspend on the mobile will exceed $1 billion for the first time in 2008, reaching $1.3 billion by the end of the year and rising to nearly $7.6 billion by 2013.

While SMS campaigns currently account for the largest proportion of mobile advertising budget, the increasing popularity of mobile TV services mean that adspend in this area will rise from just $335 million in 2008 to more than $2.5 billion in 2013.  Meanwhile, idle-screen advertising is expected to become a significant contributor to total mobile adspend in the medium term, with revenues rising from just $7m in 2008 to more than $500m in 2013.

According to report author Dr Windsor Holden, "While adspend in the mobile environment is still extremely limited when compared to the budgets allocated to media such as magazines, television, cinema and the Internet, the opportunities it offers -personalized advertising with very high response rates, delivered to a device which is always in close proximity to the individual - will make it an increasingly attractive proposition for leading brands."

Other findings from the Juniper report include:

  • Nearly 1.5 billion mobile users will receive SMS advertising in 2008
  • China and the Far East will remain the largest regional market for mobile adspend throughout the period covered by the report, with revenues rising from $414 million in 2008 to more than $2.1 billion by 2012.
  • Advertisers will refrain from committing significant budgets to mobile until issues such as lack of inventory, reach and common metrics are addressed by operators and content providers

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