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OTT providers

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Senior telco managers are ready to act on the challenge posed by the OTT providers, according to a survey carried out by European Communications.

A clear majority, 51 percent, view companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook as both a threat and as potential partners. Just six percent regard them purely as a threat, while nearly a third see them purely as partners. Twelve percent remain ambivalent, viewing them as neither a threat nor as potential partners.

“European telcos have begun thinking through the issues. The vast majority see the OTT players as a threat that they can‘deal with’ through partnering,” commented Boston Consulting Group senior partner David Dean.

Managers at major operators are even more certain; 70 percent say they regard OTT providers as both a threat and as potential partners.

You can read the full story in the Autumn 2011 issue of European Communications. Click here to access the issue