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Companies starting with I



Founded in 1996, iBasis is a leading wholesale carrier of international long distance telephone calls and a provider of retail prepaid calling services and enhanced services for mobile operators.

Intec Telecom Systems

Intec is a leading Business and Operations Support Systems vendor for fixed, mobile, MVNO and next-generation networks (e.g. WLAN, 3G and IP), with more than 680 installations of its products worldwide in almost 500 customer sites.

Intel Corporation

By advancing silicon technologies and driving industry standards, Intel is leading the communications industry to develop cutting-edge products and services for fixed and mobile networks.

Intergraph European Headquarters

Leading communications companies through the world rely on Intergraph's proven solutions. We provide tools to help optimize key indicators and manage service delivery networks efficiently while ensuring that key decision makers through the company have access to up-to-the-minute information.



ip.access solves in-building access problems for mobile operators, opening up new revenue streams while defending existing business.


Irdeto empowers companies to protect and monetize their digital assets and maximize return on content with innovative and reliable software technologies, end-to-end solutions and services.


Iskratel is an international telecommunications company that provides advanced telecommunications solutions for the challenges of a complex business world.

Ixia Europe Limited

Ixia delivers powerful, distributed, multiport traffic generators and performance analyzers for wire-speed verification of optical networking equipment, LAN, MAN and WAN multi-layer switches and routers.

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