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EMCC Software

EMCC Software

EMCC Software is a leading provider of mobile software solutions and consultancy services. EMCC was chosen as an inaugural member of each of the Symbian Competence Center, S60 Competence Center and UIQ Competence Center industry accreditation programmes.

Enterasys Networks

Enterasys Networks

With award-winning technology and global resources, Enterasys Networks develops solutions exclusively for enterprise-class customers. 

Faroese Telecom

Faroese Telecom

In business for nearly a century, Faroese Telecom is the incumbent telco in the Faroe Islands. The islands enjoy a highly-advanced telecommunications infrastructure and are on the verge of yet another pioneering technological leap forward as the Faroe Islands - Icelandic - Scotland transoceanic telecommunications cable, known as Farlce, will go online.

Juniper Research

Juniper Research is a UK based analyst house specialising in the identification and appraisal of high growth opportunities across the telecoms and media sectors.

NCIC Operator Services

NCIC Operator Services is a provider of telecom services for the public phone industry and provides service from over 70 countries world-wide. NCIC not only shows public phone providers how to increase revenues from existing USA carrier services, but also helps prevent stealing of such services from these phones.NCIC shares revenue on all calling services that are billed collect to the USA and Canada, billed to major credit cards or US issued calling cards.NCIC provides several fraud detection and prevention services for public phone providers, including the DialBomber(tm), a customer written program designed to discourage public posting of free-phone numbers.

Vodafone Information Systems Products

Vodafone Information Systems Products concentrates within the world-wide spanning Vodafone group on mobile radio solutions, services and products. The range of offerings includes the development of innovative solutions and UMTS products for mCommerce web based business solutions with mobile access as well as high quality and cost efficient billing and IT service offerings. The majority of Vodafone Information Systems Products approximately 1000 employees is located at the company headquarters in Ratingen near Dusseldorf. Billit is the integrated billing system for Content & Communications developed by Vodafone Information Systems Products.

Zinwave Ltd

Zinwave produces a True Wideband Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that provides in-building wireless coverage. Its unique technology supports any service and wireless technology between 136MHz to 2700MHz, irrespective of protocol or modulation scheme. This includes all cellular, WiFi, Wimax, emergency services (PMR, TETRA), DVB-H, RFID, building automation (ZigBee, HVAC) and telemetry services.

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