MVS USA is the owner/operator of the 0-1-5WORLDWIDE Land Earth Station (LES) network, and FCC license carrier since 1993. MVS is also an Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Inmarsat Service Provider, Iridium Service Provider, and Accounting Authority consortium. The 0-1-5WORLDWIDE state-of-the-art digital LES network for voice, fax, data and a variety of value-added services are supported by our dual LES facilities. Both LES's are accessed with a single access code, 0-1-5, and are optimally located for maximum global access to the Inmarsat satellite system. Using MVS ensures fiber optic delivery of your Inmarsat calls to any location on the globe.MVS USA's global alliance of offices on three continents (The MVS Group) provides for a wide variety of Inmarsat, Iridium, private line, and carrier services. MVS USA can provide you with a comprehensive array of premium global connectivity services from our worldwide offices.


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