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Poor data quality can lead to inaccurate bills and a poor customer experience. Whether the data quality issues arise from the presence of multiple billing systems, multiple CRM systems, lax data governance procedures, or some other cause, the problem needs to be tackled systematically for service providers to reduce the impact of data quality on the customer experience.

In this presentation, KPN, the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands, will discuss the analytic techniques they used to improve their data quality related to data, IP, and residential services billing and the benefits they gained as a result which included higher customer satisfaction and more financial control.

Small cell is considered as one of the key potential technologies to solve the bandwidth and frequency problems of mobile operators, but it creates a new set of challenges in the mobile backhaul domain.

- What will be the solution for these challenges?
- Should mobile backhaul be built out of small and cheap demarcations, or does the mobile backhaul network require something else?

In this webinar we describe some of the technical, commercial and economical challenges small cells brings, and how CE 2.0 and MPLS to the cell site combined with service OAM management offer a potential solution for these challenges.

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