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As subscribers continue to consume more online services on the move, communication service providers (CSPs) are finding it challenging to effectively profile and segment their customer base given the huge amount and variety of behavioural data involved. The opportunity for CSPs is to turn this growing volume of data into meaningful insights that can drive a better customer experience for their customers while at the same time open new revenue channels. In this exclusive webinar hosted by European Communications and sponsored by IBM, learn how CSPs can tap into the power of analytics to optimise how they profile and segment their subscriber base. Drawing from new research gathered and analysed by European Communications, you will learn how leading CSPs today are looking to improve how they profile and segment their customer base and the latest technologies they are implementing in the process. To register for this exclusive webinar, simply click the link below


Matt Twomey, Head of Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, IBM Now Factory

Matthew is a Product Marketing Manager for IBM’s analytics solutions with a focus on the telecoms industry. He has over 18 years in the telecoms industry working with Ericsson, Arantech, and Tektronix Communications across product marketing, product management and consultancy roles with a particular passion for understanding client success. He holds a primary degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering from University College Cork (UCC), Ireland.


Marc Smith, Editor, European Communications

Marc is a journalist and editor with over 10 years experience in a wide variety of business sectors. Since helping to re-launch European Communications in 2011, he has specialised in the strategic direction of the telecoms industry, looking at how European telcos need to change if they are to prosper in this challenging yet exciting industry.

European Communications serves communications service providers and their suppliers with news, exclusive interviews and insightful features. It covers the latest developments in operator strategy, back office, networks and content and services. European Communications has been a leading voice in the telecoms sector for over 20 years.

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