By Stéphane Téral, Principal Analyst, Infonetics Research

There is not a single place in the telecom world where you don’t hear about small cells, but once you get into the discussions, you quickly realize that no one is tuned in to the same frequency.

By Alain Bureau, CEO, Sisteer

Since MVNOs first began to emerge in mobile markets, their impact on host operators has proven so significant that the latter have had to up their game in order to deliver the ultimate wholesale mobile services experience to an enlarged customer base.

By Richard Britton, managing director, CloudSense

The decision by the European Commission last week to give the go ahead to Project Oscar, the UK mobile-payments joint venture, is of great significance to the European telecoms market and is good news for EU consumers.

By Mervyn Kelly, EMEA marketing director at Ciena

In cinema, the concept of ”real-time” has been fairly well defined; 24 frames per second (fps) is, in most cases, enough to fool a human eye into believing that a motion picture projected on a screen is fluid and uninterrupted.



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