Doug Suriano, CTO of Tekelec, discusses tariff innovation and how operators can successfully implement new plans.

Stuart Orr from Accenture discusses what the next 12 months holds for telcos including M&As, joint ventures, devices ecosystem and innovation.

Mohammed Sha, head of market strategy at customer management solutions vendor Convergys, discusses the Big Data challenge.

Eurocomms.com: In your opinion, what is the “Big Data” challenge for the telecoms industry?

Content distribution networks are specialised server farmers, usually located at the edge of Tier-1 networks to reduce latency and improve availability.

They are fundamental to improving the customer experience of online video, but some telcos think they can cut CDNs out of the loop.

Sham Careem, CEO of Momac, discusses how on-device self-service can benefit operators and customers alike.

Eurocomms.com: How do you define on-device self-service?

Aram Krol, senior proposition director at Acision, discusses the future of SMS.

Eurocomms.com: Amid the rise of smartphones and OTT messaging, is SMS still a valid service today?

Aram Krol: The increase of over-the-top (OTT) services has seen mobile messaging become more instant, social and live than ever before.

Thorsten Schneider, head of security practice at Nokia Siemens Networks, discusses why operators should make security a key differentiator.

Teligent Telecom CEO Einar Lindquist discusses why operators should consider implementing an own-brand VoIP service.

Eurocomms.com: What impact do you see VoIP services having on operator revenues in Europe this year?

Einar Lindquist: There’s no question that VoIP services will continue to eat into revenues.

Adam Kerr, head of m-commerce at Ericsson, discusses one of the key topics at this year's Mobile World Congress.

What is your vision for how the m-commerce space will evolve over the next 12 months?

2012 will be a year of rapid transition and dynamic change across m-commerce.



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