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European Communications latest quarterly survey takes its second annual look at big data.

In the survey, respondents can give their thoughts on how close telcos are to predicting customer behaviour, overcoming the challenges of regulation and privacy as well as whether outsourcing is the best way forward given talent shortages.

Last year, just over half of operators said big data was a strategic goal, over a quarter said the biggest challenge was understanding the potential that big data presents, while nearly two-thirds said they did not have right human resources in place.

The results of the survey will appear in the Q3 edition of European Communications magazine, which features a special report on big data.

European Communications is also hosting a big data seminar in London on 24 September.

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As a thank you for assisting with our research we will put all completed survey participants into a prize draw for the chance to win an iPad mini 32GB.

The next draw will be made at the end of March 2015, and will incorporate all completed survey participants across ECi and MEi. Participants can only enter each survey once, but can enter multiple ECi and MEi surveys to increase chances of winning. Full contact details must be provided to enable us to contact the winner.


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