Huawei has said it wants to build one of the world’s five major cloud networks it predicts will be created in the future.

Speaking at Huawei’s annual Connect event in Shanghai, the vendor’s Rotating CEO Guo Ping said cloud infrastructure would mirror the alliances that airlines have created today, enabling customers to move around the world in a seamless way.

Ping said Huawei’s cloud would be made up of its own public cloud offering and clouds that it has built together with partners.

He did not elaborate on who would build out the other four clouds.

Huawei has built clouds with Orange this year and Deutsche Telekom in 2016.

Alongside the Germany-based operator, Huawei won a deal to build a cloud service for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) last November.

Huawei said the offering the two companies developed had lowered the overall maintenance costs of Large Hadron Collider experiments by approximately 67 percent.

Ping also promised that the China-based vendor would only look to monetise the technology and services associated with cloud, not the data.

Huawei saw revenues jump 32 percent to CNY 521.6 billion during 2016, but net profit was largely flat at CNY 37.1 billion.

The company created a new Cloud business unit in March this year, led by Zheng Yelai.

He unveiled a new Enterprise Intelligence solution at the Connect event, which leans heavily on artificial intelligence-based services, and a deal with

Microsoft that sees the US company’s applications available through Huawei’s cloud.

The two companies also promised to work together to develop new offerings as part of what Huawei described as “a strategic memorandum of understanding”.

Ping said: "The cloud is a cornerstone of the intelligent world.

“In the future, we predict there will be five major clouds in the world.

“Huawei will work with our partners to build one of those five clouds, and we've got the technology and know-how to do it."

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