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SeaChange Provides On-Demand Server and Software Platform ForU.K.'s Largest Cable Television Operator

ntl Incorporated, the largest cable television operator in the United Kingdom, has chosen SeaChange International and its comprehensive VOD System to support its impending on-demand television service. Initial launch of ntl's on-demand service is slated for the first quarter of 2005, making it Europe's first large-scale, commercial cable on-demand service.    "On-demand television is now truly a worldwide phenomenon," saidBill Styslinger, president & CEO, SeaChange International. "With ntl'simpending launch, viewers in the U.K. will gain unprecedented controlover their programming. We're very proud of our selection by ntl andto be part of Europe's first large-scale launch of on-demandtelevision."    SeaChange's VOD System - a comprehensive technology platformincorporating its patented MediaCluster servers, end-to-end automationsoftware and real-time broadcast recording gear - enables broadbandoperators to easily initiate and enhance on-demand programmingservices. This standards-based platform supports an array ofthird-party software and network components, including ntl's digitalset top boxes from Pace and Samsung. SeaChange's strategic on-demandpartner, London-based programming and content provider On Demand Group(ODG), is also collaborating with ntl to enable this milestone inEuropean television.    Worldwide, SeaChange is responsible for the majority of commercialon-demand television deployments, providing more than 1.2 millionon-demand streams in over 100 locations. In addition to ntl,SeaChange's on-demand customers include some of the world's largestbroadband operators such as Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, Insight, Rogersand Time Warner Cable.

European Presence Strengthens Over-the-Air Support for WirelessOperators and Handset Manufacturers Worldwide

InnoPath Software (formerly DoOnGo Technologies), specialist in over-the-air (OTA) mobile device software management, hasannounced it has expanded its international presence by setting up asubsidiary office in Europe, InnoPath Software UK Ltd, located inLondon. The new EMEA office will enable InnoPath to leverage newbusiness opportunities in the growing European wireless market.    George Nicholson, European Managing Director, will oversee theLondon office. He joins InnoPath with over 30 years of internationalexperience in multi-national software, hardware, and managed services,including sales and general management of both small entrepreneurialand Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Nicholson's extensive backgroundincludes serving on the executive management teams at TelcordiaTechnologies, Marconi Optical Components, Teleplace, Inc. and NortelNetworks.    "We are excited to add a strong leader to InnoPath's managementteam to drive our overall European strategy," said Dr. Luosheng Peng,CEO, co-founder and chairman of InnoPath. "There are significantbusiness opportunities for mobile device management, especially in thewireless market, EMEA region. InnoPath's objective is to expandglobally by building upon our core update-ready technology success inAsia and extend next generation OTA solutions to the European wirelessmarket. Nicholson has a proven record of success, and we are confidentthat he will help InnoPath achieve this objective."    "InnoPath is well positioned to lead the European mobile devicemanagement space through working with key customers and nextgeneration handset manufacturers at a time when the emerging OMAstandards have evolved to enable interoperability between servertechnologies and key device manufacturers," said Nicholson. "WithInnoPath taking a leadership position in the OMA standards efforts,this will provide our key target customer base more choice andflexibility."    InnoPath is the first company to power OTA-capable phones onpublic wireless networks and the company's software management clientis used in more than 30 million handsets with 1.2 million handsetsshipped monthly. Through its relationships with NEC, Panasonic, Sharp,LG, SANYO, China Unicom, and KDDI, InnoPath has helped to bring thefirst commercialized OTA-capable phones to market.

Leading French Cable Operator to Use Motive Broadband Management Software to Automate Configuration and Problem Resolution of Digital Services

Motive, a leading provider of management software, has announced at its annual customer conference, Motivation 2004, that French cable provider Numéricable will build Motive self-management capabilities into its broadband services to automate a range of configuration and problem resolution processes for both customers and call centre operations. Numéricable's decision extends Motive's global customer reach and makes Motive the market share leader in Europe's cable broadband market.

Numéricable is among the largest cable operators in France, currently serving 830,000 customers. The company is rapidly expanding its broadband customer base by offering multiple access speed tiers, public WiFi, and bundled services, including broadband data and television over IP. Building Motive self-management capabilities into all of these services will allow Numéricable to ensure a differentiated, consistently positive subscriber experience, while also better controlling operational costs of delivering and supporting broadband services.  As a result, Motive will be instrumental in helping the company quickly scale its operations to manage a substantially larger subscriber base.

"The ability to offer multiple services is critical for our continued growth, and building management into these service through Motive software is the only way to ensure we can make them convenient and valuable for our subscribers," said Bernard Cottin, chairman and CEO, Numéricable. "Motive has proven itself by successfully deploying broadband self-management solutions throughout Europe and with some of the top cable providers in the world. Motive is the right choice to take us through the next-generation of our broadband business."

After evaluating several vendors, Numéricable chose Motive as the only software provider that could build automation directly into the company's current and future cable broadband services.  As a result, these services will be able to guide individuals through effortless configuration, management and problem resolution steps, regardless of where the services are installed, what devices they are connected to, or how often they change.

"With Numéricable and other recently announced customers, Motive continues to demonstrate success in the European broadband market," said Bruno Teuber, Motive's vice president and general manager for EMEA. "By deciding to build management into next-generation services, Numéricable has established itself as one of the most innovative cable operators in France. As the company continues to expand its broadband portfolio, we look forward to working together to ensure that new services are equipped with self-management capabilities."

Numéricable has licensed Motive's Broadband Manager (BBM) and Customer Service Manager (CSM) products to automate the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of current and future broadband services. BBM will allow Numéricable broadband subscribers to self-activate services and devices, as well as to solve support issues automatically without engaging a customer service representative (CSR) or having a technician visit the home. When additional assistance is needed, CSM will help Numéricable CSRs quickly pinpoint the cause of subscriber problems and provide the most effective resolution, improving the efficiency of every technical support transaction regardless of communication channel.

NetTest, a leading global provider of testing, monitoring, and management solutions for advanced and converged networks, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to cooperate with Casabyte, a leading provider of end-to-end wireless service quality monitoring solutions in a partnership to bring integrated network and service assurance solutions to wireless operators.

To enable wireless operators of 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks to attract and retain subscribers, Casabyte and NetTest are working together to bring integrated solutions for end-to-end service assurance and troubleshooting of services. This partnership combines Casabyte's RCATS with NetTest's MasterQuest in an integrated solution for fully automated, centrally managed active testing, performance monitoring and trouble shooting. This will enable immediate and seamless network tracing and troubleshooting of any failed test, as well as automatic launch of test suites if network and service KPIs indicate potential degradation of the end-user service level.

Whereas MasterQuest provides in-depth understanding of the performance of the network and services seen from a network centric view, RCATS validates the offered services from an end-user perspective through its active test environment. By combining the network centric view with the end-user view, operators can get a complete view of their operation and quality of service. The agreement also means that NetTest will become a distributor of Casabyte’s Service Assurance solutions for active test and roaming test solutions in EMEA and APAC. “Our cooperation with NetTest will significantly increase our market presence in the EMEA and APAC regions, where NetTest’s qualified sales and support organization will enable us to reach a global audience with our Wireless Service Quality Assurance solutions,” said John Read, CEO of Casabyte. “Our cooperation with NetTest has its offset in the Service Management Alliance, and we see this as yet another example of how the alliance breeds enthusiasm among its members to create new and integrated solutions that will benefit wireless operators.”

“Both RCATS and RoamerNet offer very immediate and tangible benefits to mobile operators which implies that there is a great worldwide potential for this partnership. In addition to this, Casabyte’s wireless Service Assurance solutions are the ideal complement to our present OSS portfolio, which consolidates our position as a full OSS solution provider. As a leader in the wireless network and service monitoring market it is a natural step for us to broaden our offering through partnerships with leading vendors in different areas of OSS. We believe that our customers will recognize the significant benefits that these integrated solutions offer,” said Jørgen Weber, Vice President and head of the Systems Business Unit at NetTest.

NetTest and Casabyte will be showcasing their solutions at the Service Management Alliance (SMA) booth #514 at the TeleManagement World tradeshow in Long Beach, California, October 11-14, 2004.

NetTest, a leading global provider of testing, monitoring, and management solutions for advanced and converged networks, today announced that it will cooperate with Psytechnics, the global leader in voice and video quality assessment software to bring non-intrusive voice quality measurement capabilities to NetTest’s MasterQuest VoIP solution.

Having passed the initial technology and adoption hurdles, VoIP is becoming a mainstream service. Many incumbent network operators are exploring IP technology as a way of achieving increased operational efficiency as well as a platform for new services, while other players are exploring IP technology as a vehicle for market entry or business repositioning. Quality of Service has become an important cornerstone in the quest for users. Satisfactory service quality is not only a prerequisite to build confidence with the end-user and grow the customer base; high Quality of Service is also a must in order to retain customers.

By integrating Psytechnics’ psyVoIP voice quality assessment software into the MasterQuest VoIP solution, NetTest is able to offer a comprehensive service assurance solution to IP network operators and providers of IP-based services. The MasterQuest VoIP solution enables continuous non-intrusive voice quality monitoring of all calls in the network. This not only enables monitoring of the end-user experienced voice quality in real-time, but it can also be used for rapid diagnosis of customer-affecting network problems, allowing efficient prioritization of network maintenance. The voice quality offered by the network is made visible through Key Performance Indicators, thus providing a basis for Service Level Agreements with both customers and partners/suppliers.

MasterQuest VoIP is a fully integrated network and service performance monitoring system, where tools for monitoring, troubleshooting and Service Assurance are integral parts of the same carrier-class OSS framework, enabling early problem detection, rapid analysis of problems, and constant monitoring of performance and service levels. The solution offers full end-to-end service visibility across converged networks, thus enabling full troubleshooting across packet- and circuit switched technology domains.

“The major challenge of VoIP is to guarantee constantly positive customer perception of Quality of Service (QoS) at a reasonable operating cost in an environment of complex, converging multitechnology and multi-operator networks,” said John Winchester, CEO of Psytechnics. “NetTest’s MasterQuest VoIP solution provides the end-to-end network visibility that is key to achieving this goal, through a set of monitoring capabilities that focuses on IP Voice Service Quality.”

“Psytechnics’ psyVoIP solution brings the vital end-user perspective into the consolidated Customer-Service-Network view for monitoring and management of network-wide Quality of Service,” said Jørgen Weber, Vice President and head of the Systems Business Unit at NetTest. “Today we are focusing on voice services, but the cooperation with Psytechnics will extend to cover monitoring and management of video and other multimedia services, enabling Service Providers to monitor the performance and behavior of other applications and services in the SIP network.”

A new report by Juniper Research says that large numbers of small payments will make up the vast majority of sales via mobile phones, with the average Western European making approximately 28 transactions a year via the mobile phone by 2009. The average cost of each transaction in 2009 in Western Europe is expected to be worth approximately $3.

Whilst the current m-commerce market is dominated by digital goods such as mobile entertainment (ringtones, games, wallpaper, gambling and so on), other markets such as ticket purchases, retail, and person to person payments will emerge as additional application areas, with revenues totalling $39bn by 2009.

The purchase of tickets (such as car parking and cinema tickets) using the mobile phone, will dominate the growth in m-commerce. Mobile users have started already to show interest in ticketing particularly in Europe and Japan, while in the retail sector, initial applications are geared towards vending machines, but this will see slow growth.

The report also reveals that:•Ticket purchases will emerge as a major application area by 2007 with revenues totalling $39bn by 2009. •Retail Point of Sale (POS) mobile transactions will be slow and be worth only $299m by 2009.•RFID and Infra Red technologies are likely to have major influence on future developments of mobile as a payment device.•The development of global standards will continue to be slow due to too many industry bodies concentrating on vested interests.

Report author Marc Ambasna-Jones said: "Mobile commerce is slowly starting to happen, driven by the demand for ringtones and games but also increasingly music downloads. Other applications too will start to emerge, such as ticketing and these are applications that mobile users can understand as they start to explore more uses for their increasingly powerful handsets.

"The key for m-commerce growth is simplicity. Will it be easier to use than a credit card for example? Can it ever be more convenient than cash? Ultimately the success or failure of mobile commerce, either macro or micro payments, will come down to this."

White papers and further details of the study ‘Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) & Micropayment Strategies’ can be freely downloaded from

T4 now offers greater optimisation and coverage on more devices

Trigenix, the mobile interface company, has announced the latest enhancements to the Trigenix T4 technology. Trigenix 4.1.0 is now available for shipping and offers greater optimisation with enhancements such as improved over-the-air error handling, conditional update fetch, optimised GPRS access and SMS-based subscription management. The award-winning Trigenix software is also now available for more MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 devices including Samsung E800, Nokia 6230, RIM Blackberry 77-series, Alcatel OneTouch 756, and Sagem MyX5-2, offering greater handset coverage.

The company also announced its wider expansion into the European market with local representation in the Netherlands, Italy and Spain to assist with operator relationships in those countries.

Steve Ives, Trigenix CEO commented, "Trigenix offers both native and complementary UIs enabling operators and handset manufacturers to customise the UI and scale-up data revenues. As an example, it allows operators to provide promotions and drive revenue from themes, or create an on-handset 'portal' for easy access and promotions, revenue from data feeds, ringtones downloads and games. The latest enhancements enable operators to manage subscription services using premium SMS, and our extended sales team gives Trigenix greater presence throughout Europe. We are truly excited by the prospects that lie ahead."

Based on the highly successful Trigenix User-Interface solution already in use with operators such as T-Mobile and TMN, T4 supports Windows Mobile, Java MIDP 1.0 & 2.0 devices and Symbian OS phones. With T4, service providers will be able to deploy revenue-generating own-brand user interfaces and rich content-based themes across 50% of handsets shipping by the end of 2004.

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Leading UK Cable Provider Uses Level 3 to Enhance Service Offerings in England and Ireland

Level 3 Communications has today announced it has signed new agreements to supply network services in the UK and Ireland to ntl, one of the UK's largest broadband services providers.

Level 3 will support ntl's consumer and business broadband offerings with (3)CrossRoads, its wholesale high-speed Internet access and transport service. Specifically, Level 3 will supply ntl with multiple 2.5Gbps ports in Manchester and diverse 10Gbps ports in London. In addition, ntl has purchased (3)CrossRoads service from Level 3 in Dublin to enhance the Internet services it delivers to enterprises and wholesale communications companies across Ireland.

"With over 3 million customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, ntl has clearly established itself as a leading provider of broadband services," said Brady Rafuse, president of Level 3's European operations. "We believe ntl's ability to deliver high-quality voice, video and Internet access over a single network connection offers a powerful value proposition to both businesses and consumers, evidenced by IP traffic growth over its network and need to upgrade capacity with Level 3. We are very pleased to be serving as ntl's network partner in both countries, and look forward to growing our relationship with this important customer."

"We have now significantly enhanced the resilience of our Internet access services by providing more localised points for the collection of regional IP traffic, said Steve Upton, Managing Director of the Networks Division, ntl. "Level 3 has demonstrated its continued strong commitment to customers by investing in its backbone, and we are delighted to be working with them on this important initiative."

(3)CrossRoads is an Internet Protocol (IP) service offering a wide range of interface types and access locations, including the gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) customer interface option. Level 3 employs a unique network approach to track the destination and monitor the bandwidth usage of IP packets traveling on or off its high-capacity, continuously upgradeable fibre network.

The (3)CrossRoads platform provides the performance, reliability, scalability, and ease of connection companies need to respond to their clients' increasing demands for data-intensive content, backed by Level 3's world-class service and support.

As the company announced yesterday, Level 3 has formally launched services in Dublin and increased its network capacity into Manchester to support demand from ntl and other communications service providers. Level 3 now offers services in 21 European markets, as well as in 77 markets throughout North America.

EU becomes the number one DSL region in the world; DSL wins a greater share of the North American broadband market; China leads the world with largest DSL population

DSL – the world’s most popular broadband technology – added over 30 million subscribers in the 12 months to 30 June 2004, according to the latest data produced for the DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic, reaching a global total of 78 million.  That growth in DSL subscribers was more than double that of the other broadband access technologies in the year.  Total broadband subscribers grew by almost 55% to over 123 million in the same period. 

The European Union (EU) has narrowly taken over from Asia Pacific as the number one DSL region, with a total of over 23 million subscribers, around 11 million of them joining the DSL community in the last 12 months.

Regional breakdown of DSL subscribersDSL made considerable progress in North America, the only region to retain cable modem dominance, achieving a 48% subscriber increase, significantly more than the 31% growth in cable and other technologies.  In the USA, which has comfortably the world’s largest total broadband population, DSL has seen a 3% increase in market share with nearly 4 million new subscribers.  In Canada, DSL subscribers now account for 48% of the total broadband market.  South and East Asia was the fastest growing region for DSL subscribers in the 12 months, with a 110% growth, while the Middle East and Africa showed a 107% increase, and Latin America a rise of 104%.

In terms of market penetration, the DSL Forum’s first stage target for a global mass market for broadband DSL – 20% of all phone lines – has already been achieved in both South Korea (28.66%) and, more recently, Taiwan (20.76%).  Five countries are currently at 17% or above: Hong Kong; Iceland; Belgium; Israel and Japan.  The EU’s new status as the largest DSL region is reflected in sizeable increases in penetration in Portugal (10.7% per 100 lines) and in the Netherlands (8.44%). 

China now leads the world in delivering DSL broadband services, climbing up from fourth position.  Almost 13 million subscribe to broadband DSL in that country, an increase of nearly seven million in one year (119.4% growth).  The UK, with more than 1.65 million new subscribers, has moved up from eleventh to eighth position, and Australia enters the Top 20 DSL countries list for the first time after seeing a growth of nearly 147% in one year.  A total of 13 countries now have over one million broadband DSL subscribers; 11 have over two million and three – China, Japan and the USA – have over ten million each.

Tom Starr, president of the DSL Forum said: “The DSL success story just goes on getting better.  With our new DSL Anywhere white paper offering service providers technical options to deliver this robust, reliable broadband access technology to all of their residential and business customers, no matter where they are located, the benefits of broadband DSL can be enjoyed by many millions more.  There is no question but that this is the DSL decade.”

Public Safety Users Choose Motorola TETRA Radios

Motorola has today announced contracts for more than 20.000 TETRA radios for the public safety network in The Netherlands. The radios will be used on C2000, the Dutch countrywide encrypted Public Safety Network.

The main reason for this success is that Motorola offered its complete range of TETRA radios to the Dutch market through three key distributors. After the successful introduction and operational use of the MTP700 TETRA radio by different C2000 regions, Guido Dukker, Project leader C2000 of the Amsterdam Fire Brigade, stated."The MTP700 is a very reliable radio and can be seen as lifeline for their employees."

17 of the C2000 regions have made a decision and awarded contracts for their terminals and 17 regions have chosen Motorola. Motorola is currently the leading supplier of TETRA subscribers in The Netherlands.

Within the next month Motorola will introduce its latest TETRA radio, the MTH800 for use on C2000. The MTH800 radio is already a great success in the UK with contracts awarded by all the Police Forces in Scotland and the Metropolitan Police in London. The MTH800 is recognised for its brilliant colour display, in built GPS, and its user-friendly man machine interface. Motorola is working hard to duplicate this success in The Netherlands and is working closely with the Customers and Distributors in The Netherlands to ensure rapid mobile intelligence for mission critical and business customers.

New opportunities to unlock the greater potential of copper in the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland have been announced by Actelis Networks .  It has signed new distribution agreements in all three countries so that network operators and business enterprises have ready access to the Ethernet opportunity that maximises the bandwidth capability of existing copper infrastructures.

Actelis Networks is a leading supplier of solutions that enable profitable, carrier-grade broadband services over local loop copper, based on the IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standard and meeting ETSI Annex E Requirements.  The latest in the innovative, standards-based Actelis MetaLIGHT platforms can provide up to 67 Mbps of Ethernet services to business customer locations only served by copper, and complement Actelis’ existing portfolio of platforms that enable point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Ethernet-over-copper solutions. 

Actelis platforms provide far greater rate, reach and reliability compared to other products available today, while still conforming to G.SHDSL.bis physical layer technology as well as emerging standard bonding schemes.  Their cost-effective, high-speed broadband connectivity allows multi-location organizations to seamlessly communicate and share resources, and meets the demand for increasing bandwidth brought about by the growing popularity of applications such as voice over IP, video conferencing, data transmission and email use. 

In the UK, Microtel, a division of Kenton research, has signed a distribution agreement with Actelis.  It has already achieved some early successes with systems deployed with the UK’s Ministry of Defence.  “We are delighted to be appointed as Actelis’s partner in the UK”, said John Larkin, Microtel’s sales and marketing director.  “The MetaLIGHT products are aimed at both service providers and the enterprise market and the early level of interest we have seen has been amazing.”

Through Q&I, the Actelis distributor in The Netherlands, several municipalities such as Roermond and Bergen op Zoom now enjoy faster, better communication after deploying MetaLIGHT products over existing lines, extending the municipality LAN network to connect their various sites.  “We are proud of the robustness of the Actelis products evident in daily operation in many municipality sites,” said Mr Servie Janssen, manager of product marketing at Q&I. “The error-free continuous operation makes it a “deploy-and-forget” type of product”.

The third distribution agreement was signed with Omni Ray, a leading commercial and service enterprise for industrial automation in Switzerland. “Business enterprises need increasing bandwidth to meet the needs and opportunities of today’s technology by maximizing the potential of their copper infrastructure,” confirmed Rene Jost, division manager of computing and communication for Omni Ray.  “With the Actelis solutions, we can deliver that potential quickly and cost effectively, without disruption.”

"We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with all three of these European companies,” said Meir Amarin, executive director of EMEA sales, Actelis Networks.  “Our advanced technology together with the national technical support, marketing and sales expertise of our new partners is a great combination, bringing more bandwidth over copper, efficiently and cost-effectively to their customers, as well as increasing our market penetration in Europe."



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