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Spirent Communications Automates Voice over IP Service Testing; New Software Module Added to SmartSight VoIP Diagnostics Portfolio

Spirent Communications has today announced a new VoIP diagnostic software module that helps wireline, wireless, and cable companies better detect and resolve problems with commercially deployed IP and Ethernet services. The Spirent SmartSight VoIP Diagnostic Assistant will be the latest addition to the company's SmartSight integrated portfolio of VoIP diagnostic software and hardware. Spirent's SmartSight portfolio is on display at booth 1100at Broadband World Forum.    The software module, part of Spirent's centralized VoIP diagnosticsolution, will automate complex analysis of VoIP service problems suchas dropped packets, jitter, latency and other issues that impedeperformance. According to OSS Observer, an industry analyst firm,centralized diagnostic systems are critical to the cost-effective andsuccessful growth of VoIP services. "These centralized diagnosticsystems provide valuable VoIP service measurement data and testingcapabilities, eliminate expensive truck rolls and improve overallquality assurance," said Patrick Kelly, partner, OSS Observer.    "For VoIP services to continue to grow in Europe and worldwide,providers need tools that increase visibility and diagnosticcapabilities in the network, and which support emerging VoIPapplications," said Jim Schleckser, president of SpirentCommunications' Service Assurance-Broadband group. "Our centralizedand automated diagnostics solution will significantly accelerate VoIPservice troubleshooting and performance measurement."

Forum Announces New Initiatives To Further Demonstrate Its Commitment To Tackling BSS, Billing and Revenue Assurance Within its ‘Lean Operator’ Framework

The TeleManagement Forum ( today announced a major initiative ultimately designed to achieve industry standardisation within the billing and revenue assurance environments. Key elements of the programme include:

• Three new billing technical teams that will work to build New Generation OSS (NGOSS)-based solutions in the billing and revenue assurance space

• Focus on the billing process flows within the TM Forum’s process framework  (eTOM)

• Announcement of the Global Billing Association’s (GBA) involvement in the billing stream at TeleManagement World in Long Beach in October.

“This commitment to billing and revenue assurance is part of our strategic thrust to help the world’s operators become ‘Lean Operators’ - a shift that demands an overall approach to all of the systems and processes used by an operator to deliver services.  This focus has driven a steady rise in new membership from BSS-focused companies,” said Keith Willetts, TM Forum Founder and Chairman. “These companies see the success the TM Forum is having in other arenas, and want to leverage the broader telecom software industry through well established TM Forum programmes such as the Technical Collaboration Programme, TeleManagement World Conference and Expo, Training programmes and our extensive web-based knowledge library.” 

“Increasing the focus on BSS issues is an important step forward for the TM Forum and will be highly beneficial for the industry,” said Eric Priezkalns, Best Practice Manager, Revenue Assurance, Billing and Carrier Services at T-Mobile UK. “We consider ourselves to be near the forefront of Revenue Assurance thinking, but are always striving for ways to enhance our understanding and proactivity. The opportunity to discuss our challenges with other service providers and address these within the context of an integrated and industry-wide initiative is greatly appreciated and we look forward to accruing real business benefit.”

New Billing Technical Teams Expand the NGOSS Program

A new billing-focused effort on the eTOM team and three new NGOSS Application teams have been established to drive NGOSS standards forward into billing, revenue management and general BSS arenas.  Specific team activities are:

• Billing extension to the eTOM – extension of the TM Forum’s highly successful business process framework, now a full ITU standard.  This program will extend  the eTOM more deeply into the billing, charging, and revenue assurance areas

• Revenue Assurance – definition of industry issues and best practices; validation and/or extension of revenue assurance issues into TM Forum’s NGOSS framework; initiation of a Catalyst project demonstrating progress in integrated revenue assurance solutions

• Content Charging – development of an industry position statement highlighting the issues associated with content and data charging; outline of an system architectural framework for content charging; collation of a comprehensive set of definitions for content and related terms and their application

• IN over IP Convergence – examination of how to utilise the intelligent network infrastructure to solve billing challenges.

Increase in Billing-Focused Companies Join TM Forum

Over the past year, the TM Forum has seen a rise in membership from billing vendors and an increased interest in billing related issues from service provider members.

“The importance of the TM Forum’s frameworks as 'living' operational models for telecoms operators is complemented by the detailed work of the 'Revenue Assurance', 'Data & Content Charging' and 'IP/IN/IT Convergence' teams,” said Sebastian Toke-Nichols, Director of Marketing, Convergys EMEA – a new Forum member since January 2004.

“This work reflects a new emphasis within TM Forum on many of the Billing and BSS related elements of the overall OSS/BSS mix and Convergys applauds and supports these important initiatives, designed to provide pragmatic solutions for the Telecoms operator community,” he added.

Like Convergys, Connexn, Openet, and Suntech Sp. Z.o.o. have recently been drawn to the TM Forum by the expanding focus on billing and BSS. Longer standing billing-oriented members include ADC Software Systems, Amdocs, and Azure Solutions.

Billing Initiative at TeleManagement World

The TM Forum will be welcoming the Global Billing Association (GBA) as Chair of the Billing Summit at TeleManagement World in Long Beach on October 12, 2004.  This Summit provides a road map for billing and customer care. This event features service provider case studies and presentations from C-level executives from across the billing arena.

AM-BEO and MoreMagic partner to provide secure mobile payments for next generation content services

AM-BEO LTD., a global leader in rating, charging and revenue settlement software products and solutions, and MoreMagic Solution, the premium provider of software solutions to enable charging and payment of premium content and services have announced that they have entered into a joint marketing partnership.

The agreement outlines a number of joint activities the two companies will undertake in addressing the charging and payment requirements essential for next generation content based services and in particular will focus on the sales and marketing of a cohesive solution that meets market demands employing AM-BEO’s nCharge and the More Magic MBroker products.

nCharge is an advanced solution for the identification, control, rating and charging of network services for both content providers and network operators.  nCharge is designed to address the complexities of charging for next generation communication services and provides complex product rating, real-time credit control and multiple balance management to enable the generation of additional revenue from new and innovative network services with reduced time to market and improved margin management.

MBroker provides authentication and payment services to merchants or content providers, financial service providers, operators’ prepaid and postpaid solutions and other value added service providers. It is a standards-based, highly flexible and very scaleable middleware server which facilitates authentication, authorization, accounting and Audit (AAAA) of payment services initiated from variety of devices over various networks. The system can be used for both micro and macro payments, for example payment for digital content, streaming audio and video, and purchase of physical goods online. The system supports event-based billing, time-based billing and volume based billing, hence providing the customer a flexible transaction management solution.

“The partnership between AM-BEO and More Magic Solutions allows for a Charging and Payment solution to be delivered as one complete solution, reducing the number of technical functional components the service providers require.  This solution will be able to process a payment from any number of external sources for digital services, such as using a credit card to pay for the download of a mobile ring-tone. This partnership strategically extends our product portfolio to meet the current and future demands of a growing marketplace.  Additionally, it enables proven technologies in a pre-bundled solution to reduce OSS/BSS complexities thereby reducing time to market implementations to support the rollout of new revenue generating products by the carriers and content owners” stated Mike Murphy, AM-BEO CEO & President, “The relationship has evolved from some joint business opportunities undertaken through a common integration partner and therefore it was logical to formalize the partnership with this agreement.”

"As data services become a crucial component of the operators ARPU, there is a new middleware layer that is emerging in the operator environment. Increasingly we see a requirement for real-time charging and payments to be provided within this layer, thus overcoming the idiosyncrasies of existing back-office billing systems, particularly when addressing the prepaid customer.” stated Pankaj Gulati, CEO & President of More Magic "The partnership with AM-BEO gives our customers access to a robust, proven, real-time charging solution that can facilitate instant payment and service delivery, using the More Magic technology to any number of payment sources.”

66% Believe VoIP, Video and High-Speed Data From One Service Provider Will Improve Their Experience

SupportSoft, Inc., a leading provider of Real-Time Service Management (RTSM(TM)) software, has today announced the results of a pan-European survey among broadband subscribers in which more than 50% claimed dissatisfaction with the customer service from their broadband service provider.

Belgians have the best experience dealing with their broadband service provider's customer service department when they have an issue, 16% of whom said that dealing with their broadband provider is like "getting advice from a trusted friend." In contrast, 19% of Spaniards surveyed said that calling their service provider's broadband customer service department when they have an issue is "like a trip to Hell and back."

Notably, 66% of all those surveyed felt that customer service would improve if they were given the opportunity to receive high speed data, VoIP and video delivery from a single service provider versus ordering the same services from multiple providers.

When asked about additional services they were most interested in receiving from their broadband service provider apart from e-mail accessibility, broadband subscribers opt first for the "basics" when it comes to receiving new added-value services. "Basics" include home networking, VoIP and video-on-demand, suggesting that a strong product bundle for service providers is the triple play combination of voice, video and data services. 40% of broadband subscribers surveyed chose home networking as their first or second choice in the study, while 38% selected VoIP or video on demand as the first or second choice.

In contrast, narrow choices such as gaming, and music services had correspondingly less appeal among those surveyed, indicating that high speed data users first want the basics to complement their broadband connection -- compared to more content-driven services such as gaming and music.

Belgian broadband customers had the best experiences when resolving issues with their broadband service providers' customer service department. 60% said it was better than customer service from other companies. This compares to the rest of Europe, in which only 38% said customer service from their broadband provider was better than customer service from other companies.

"Belgacom is committed to a great experience for our broadband customers by automating the installation and ongoing support of our broadband Internet service," said Catherine Gaudissart, director for Belgacom's ADSL customer support. "SupportSoft is a strategic partner in helping us to lower the cost of delivering service to our customers, while improving satisfaction levels."

Spain represents the other extreme in customer satisfaction, in which 72% of those surveyed were dissatisfied with the customer service from their broadband service provider.

The survey was conducted for SupportSoft by InsightExpress, an independent research firm, which surveyed 331 broadband customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. All those surveyed claimed to have broadband Internet access, either DSL or cable. The survey results indicate a margin of error of +/- 4.3%.

Trustive, Europe's premier wireless Internet access provider, has announcedplans to take its innovative, low-cost wholesale program to wirelessoperators worldwide.    Following success across Europe in providing wholesale access toits global network Trustive is working on expansion plans with severalmajor telecom operators in North America and Asia and has launched anew website for its wholesale offering at    As part of its expansion, Trustive has formed a strategic alliancewith MACH Dan Net. MACH Dan Net acts as the vital link among some 400mobile network operators worldwide-- assuring operators of reducedcosts and maximised revenue in all aspects of their roaming business..Combining the Trustive hub with MACH Dan Net's WLAN services,including clearing and settlement, the agreement enables operators tooffer a one-bill roaming solution to their customers.    "After laying the foundation for the Trustive Virtual Network overthe last 18 months and after successfully deploying the wholesaleservice in Europe, we are now ready to enter the Americas andAsia-Pacific with our wholesale offering," Said Gavin Dresselhuis,Trustive Managing Director.    Trustive's virtual wireless network comprises more than 4,000signed hotspots with 43 roaming partners in 35 countries in Europe,North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Ryder systems - one of Europe's leading providers of bill managementsolutions for Telcos - has signed a agreement with Group 1 Software thatwill see the advanced document management package, DOC1, integrated intoRyder's online bill management platform.

This is a major announcement for Ryder.  In the past, product enhancementshave been focused on improving the software for the end user.  The addedbenefits and functionality brought about by this latest enhancement will beenjoyed by the Telco.  As Andy Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director,explains: "Ryder Systems has traditionally focused on delivering end-userbill management solutions.  The Group 1 partnership will enable us to offera 'hands-on' end-to-end solution for Telcos from document design and dataacquisition, through to marketing, bill presentment and ecare."

The addition of DOC1 into the Ryder platform will allow the Telco to do twokey things: marketing departments within the Telco will be able to create one-to-one messages using different bill layouts, logos etc. without involving the IT department: DOC1 will also archive historical bills on the Telco's intranet.  This will allow Customer Service Reps (CSRs) to access legacy data much quicker and answer calls more efficiently. 

According to Netsize, the global mobile data messaging specialist, corporates will account for over 50% of all data usage by 2007. Currently, half of all mobile operator revenues (voice and data) are generated by this segment of the market although corporates are responsible for only 20% of actual data traffic. This is set to change as corporate data usage is experiencing exponential growth, something which is expected to continue for the next three years.  With operators under pressure to recoup investments in 3G networks and in the process to return to profitability, this is good news. Mobile Operators have befitted from the boom in person-to-person messaging but have yet to reap the fruits of the growth of corporate data usage.   According to Paul Naldrett, Country Manager, Netsize, the reasons for optimism are sound.  He explains, “The quest for business efficiency and the drive for cost reduction are behind the present trend, and neither is about to become less important.  In fact the opposite may be the case." Naldrett says that two main groups of data applications underlie the direction of the market: Field Services and Machine2Machine (Telematics).  In the former category, he says “PDA's and smart phones are now commonly used for accessing emails and corporate information.” He adds, “with more than 50% of the average company’s work force based in the field, it’s easy to see where mobile saves time and money.” There are three levels of field service solutions according to Naldrett

1.Advanced Devices supported by mobile gateways: Applications and devices targeted at the high end users such as middle/senior managers who use PDAs and customized solutions like Blackberry. Devices are supported by specialized software.  Applications are mainly focused on Personal Information Management.  2.Specialist vertical devices, application and network: Solutions aimed at specific verticals like the police, fire service, or utilities wherein field employees use specialist devices that run on a specific network that interacts with a customized application. These solutions work well within verticals but are not flexible in multitasking over voice and other data networking technologies.3.Mobile Phones and messaging applications: Most companies have a workforce that uses a wide array of mobile devices so they need simple solutions that work with all networks and handsets. These applications are extremely easy to deploy and are highly cost effective. They are supported by intelligent applications. Naldrett cites Netsize customer Federal Express as an example of the latter.  Every time a parcel is delivered, drivers send a confirmation via text message to a service centre. The information provided in this manner updates a central system so when customers call they can get an accurate status update instantly. Similar solutions are being used by several engineering companies to contact their field service technicians. They can text back if they are available to repair faults and also send confirmations once they have done so. “Solutions like these work well for both large and small companies with a workforce using a diverse range of mobile handsets,” adds Naldrett. Naldrett says that companies are also increasingly using data solutions to mobile-enable fixed equipment and systems.  For example another Netsize customer, J C Deceaux, is using SMS to reduce the down time of its electronic billboards and signage by embedding SIM cards into the equipment. Every time there is a fault, an SMS is sent to a service centre requesting a visit from an engineer. A similar solution is being used by a leading lift and elevator manufacturer in France that embeds SIM cards and modems into its elevators.  These send messages to service centres reporting faults “as they happen.” Naldrett thinks that in the near future all hardware, equipment, systems and software will be mobile enabled so devices can communicate with each other. He points out, “SMS is one of the simplest examples being used but increasingly data solutions are being deployed over WAP, GPRS, Blue Tooth etc.” The mobile environment is friendly towards the introduction of such applications, too. Leading operators in the UK including Vodafone and Orange have recently launched 3G network cards that can be used with laptops to give high speed access. Naldrett concludes: “it won’t be long before every global brand has a mobile presence so their customers can experience their services via the (mobile) channel. Business-to-employee and machine-to-machine applications will be enhanced by simplified access, user-friendly interfaces, interactive functions and quick data transmission.”

Eurotel Praha, spol. s r. o., the largest provider of voice and data wireless services in the Czech Republic, has announced that it has chosen NetSpira Networks to provide a new content-based charging system for its GPRS and HSCSD data services.

NetSpira's ECS platform (Enhanced Charging Solution) enablesmobile data network operators to identify the type of data messagebeing sent and received. This enables operators to adjust theircharging and service model to maximize revenues but at the same timedecrease costs for many customers.

By using NetSpira ECS, Eurotel will be able to introduceservice-differentiated charging for its Eurotel Live! WAP and videostreaming content, corporate e-mail and MMS services, as part of theirsingle APN implementation.

NetSpira ECS sits alongside the GPRS gateway support node or thePDSN in wireless networks and can support both post-paid and prepaidcustomers. It is also deployed and in commercial service in VodafoneSpain, Telefonica Moviles Espana and Optimus in Portugal. Along withother prominent GSM/GPRS and CDMA Operators in Americas and Asia Pac.

"We evaluated the main solutions in the market place and found theNetSpira Networks offering very effective and intelligently built,offering the flexibility we require to develop our mobile dataservices further. It fits in with our current infrastructure so noreplacements of existing technology are needed" said Michal Herman,acting CEO of Eurotel Praha, spol. s r. o.    NetSpira's Executive Vice President, Salim A. Mawji and CEO, JoseLopez, jointly commented: "Content-based charging is the way forwardfor all mobile data operators. Eurotel has joined our band of earlyadopter customers who are able to increase revenues whilst at the sametime pleasing customers who want flexible pricing packages".    The project will be carried out with the integration services andlocal support from Hewlett-Packard.

T-Systems Forum on Operating Support Systems to be held October 27 in Budapest

The telecommunications market in Eastern Europe is growing. This offers opportunities, but also considerable challenges. You can find out what companies can do to make the most out of the available opportunities by visiting the T-Systems Forum, "Business Flexibility for CEE Telcos - How to improve network performance and business efficiency with Operation Support Systems (OSS)," to be held on 27 October at the Hotel Corinthia Aquincum in Budapest.

At the event entitled "Business Flexibility for CEE Telcos," OSS users such as Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia) or Matav (Hungary) will be delivering lectures reporting on their successes with the support systems. Experts from T-Systems and their important partners Telcordia and Micromuse, will also be explaining the advantages of Operation Support Systems. In a series of discussions, guests - primarily telecommunications companies from Central and Eastern Europe - and speakers will be able to exchange expertise, strategies and technical information.

At the start of the event, Martin Creaner, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at TeleManagement Forum, will offer an overview of the OSS industry. Justin Van der Lande, Marketing Director, EMEA at Telcordia, will explain how automation and the optimization of existing processes can cut costs in the short term and boost sales. Konrad Kehrer, Director Technical Services ECE at Micromuse and Mike Knuckey, Service Assurance, EMEA, Telcordia, will talk about the opportunities that OSS offer telecommunications companies. Damir Medved, Operations Support Systems Programme Manager at Hrvatski Telekom and Peter Janeck, CTO of Matav, will also report on their experience with OSS.

Operation Support Systems combine numerous applications - from network planning to network management - in a single solution and thus support the administration, documentation and control of network functions. They uncover problems and bottlenecks early on and also provide a constant stream of information on the status of the network infrastructure and network services.

Telecommunications providers are faced with two major challenges - Internet service providing and application service providing. While they must offer their customers an even more comprehensive package of applications and services in the future, financial constraints are restricting their ability to manoeuvre and stifling potential investments. It is no easy task, but the T-Systems Forum in Budapest will show that there are customers that have managed to keep a balance between expanding their services and controlling their costs, all thanks to OSS.

Connexn Technologies has announced it has been chosen byEurotel Praha, spol. s r.o., the largest provider of wireless voiceand data services in the Czech Republic, to identify and quantifypossible revenue leakage and cost inefficiencies within Eurotel'susage revenue streams - including its pre-paid, post-paid, roamingand interconnect services.   Connexn's unique blend of domain experts, a proven methodology andthe industry's leading CRA software platform, Certo, will enableEurotel to verify the completeness and accuracy of its billingprocesses from usage detail creation to bill generation.   Certo helps communications service providers (CSPs) quickly deployand effectively manage multiple CRA applications from a single,easy-to-use interface. Certo automates every aspect of the CRAprocess, from project configuration and initiation to the completeresolution cycle of detection, case management and correction of datadiscrepancies.   "As our revenue assurance initiatives are maturing from pointprograms to enterprise-wide systems, we looked for a partner withproven experience and strong technology-based solutions that can scaleto meet our current and future CRA needs," said Ms. MarcelaMalivankova, chief financial officer for Eurotel Praha, spol. s r.o.

Amdocs extends its expertise to the financial services sector

Amdocs, the world’s leading provider of billing and CRM products and services for true integrated customer management, has announced that ABN AMRO, a prominent international bank based in The Netherlands, has selected Amdocs as part of its efforts to modernize and consolidate its transactional systems for business and consumer retail banking customers in The Netherlands.

The Amdocs solution will integrate information from disparate systems onto a single, unified platform, allowing ABN AMRO to launch new bundled services and cross product price plans and discounts, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency, while improving the overall customer experience. The multi-phase implementation will address the Consumer & Commercial Clients Business unit of ABN AMRO in The Netherlands. Amdocs solutions will streamline and unify multiple transaction systems for ABN AMRO's numerous products and services, reducing redundancies and time-to-market for new services. 

"Traditionally, as financial institutions have grown organically and through acquisitions, their customers' transactional information has remained in silos based on lines of business, such as credit or investment service," said Michael Mathews, chief marketing officer of Amdocs. "Amdocs' unparalleled experience helping communications service providers to transform themselves into customer-centric organizations will be invaluable for financial services institutions. Achieving integrated customer management will help those institutions focus their offerings around the customer."

TeleManagement World – Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, USAOctober 11-14, 2004

NGOSS through XMLThe NGOSS through XML project is to deliver a read-only WebService for the Customer Business Entity based on the SID model that aggregates the data from the different databases. This Web Services will be used in Pannon’s production environment as the first service in its service oriented architecture based on TMF standards.

Participants include: Pannon GSM

Contact: Zoltan Rozgonyi,, +36-20930-3347


OSS Expo

 AmdocsBooth 206

Amdocs combines innovative software products and services with deep business knowledge to deliver true integrated customer management to the world’s leading services companies. Our best-in-class billing and CRM products seamlessly link all customer-facing business processes - marketing, sales, ordering, delivery, fulfilment, billing, settlement, service, support, and analytics - resulting in stronger, more profitable customer relationships. Amdocs enables its customers to implement their business strategy with rapid return on investment, lower total cost of ownership and improved operational efficiencies. A global company, Amdocs employs over 9,000 IT professionals and serves customers in more than 40 countries around the world. Amdocs reported revenue of nearly $1.5 billion in fiscal 2003. For more information, visit Amdocs at Ian Lifshitz;

 ComArchBooth 513

ComArch  (Stand 513) TMW Gold Sponsor - provides OSS and BSS solutions for telecommunication carriers (wireless and fixed-line carriers, ISPs, CATV/MSOs, VAS Providers, WLAN providers etc.). The company's flagship products include ComArch TYTAN for billing and fulfilment management and ComArch InsightNet for network and service management. www.comarch.comContact: Grzegorz Blazewicz,

 Cymbal CorporationBooth 345

The world's leading OSS/BSS services provider, Cymbal, will be presenting industry-leading case studies on Billing and OSS for a Fast-Track VoIP Launch at TMW on Thursday October 14th at 9am. 

100% referenceable across its many telecom clients, Cymbal telecom experts will be available to share more on Next-Gen OSS/BSS solutions for VoIP Launch, MVNO Enablement, Fast-Track New Value-Add Services Launch, Comprehensive CRM Lifecycle Services, Order Management Optimization, Converged Billing/Mediation & Rating, Integration and Architecture Best Practices, Outsourcing, and On-Demand IT Services.Contact: Helena Pechaver Starc, Vice President Marketing; 510 494 2050 X251; /

 NetCracker TechnologyBooth 312

NetCracker has continued to solidify its OSS leadership with recent wins including Telstra and Covad Communications.  Stop by and learn more about NetCracker's comprehensive OSS solution including its suite of OSS products and services.  Or visit the NetCracker website to learn more about how NetCracker solutions can help operators deliver services to market more rapidly and cost effectively.Contact: Julie Wingerter,, +1 781-736-0860

 Open TelecommunicationsBooth 405 Open Telecommunications specializes in developing telecommunications software for OSS, Wireless Network and Call Agent products and solutions to meet the challenges facing today’s telecommunications network service providers. Established in the early 1990’s, Open Telecommunications is a publicly-held Australian company employing highly-skilled staff, the majority of whom are either software or telecommunications engineers. Open Telecommunications have sold products and implemented solutions to customers around the world including Bell South-Peru, Comindico, Embratel, LG, Korea Telecom, KPN, Samsung, SingTel Optus, Telecom New Zealand, Telstra and WilTel Communications. In support of its growing customer base, Open Telecommunications has offices in Australia, Asia and the United States.Contacts: Philip Colligan or Martin Reeves;

OSS through Java Initiative Booth 408

Visit the OSS through Java™ Initiative booth (#408) at TeleManagement World - Long Beach and discover why so many service providers worldwide are adopting OSS/J standards. We’ll demonstrate final releases of business-critical APIs and explain our API roadmap, Information Model, and Web Services strategies. We’ll also discuss our alignment with TMF NGOSS and provide J2EE™ basic training. And be sure to attend our TMF Training Plus Courses: “Introduction to OSS/J” (Monday, October 11, 9am - 12:30pm) and “Implementing NGOSS through OSS/J” (Monday, October 11, and Thursday, October 14, 2:00pm – 5:30pm).Contact: Bill Wilbert,, +1-503-771-7440.

 Service Management Alliance (SMA)Booth 514

The Service Management Alliance (SMA), whose current members include WatchMark-Comnitel, NetTest, Casabyte and Argogroup, provides a forum for systems vendors who are interested in developing and delivering service management solutions to wireless service providers. The forum serves as a focal point for discussion and for the advancement of service management solutions and encourages cooperation between member companies for the development of solutions and knowledge within the service management sector.  As each member of the alliance contributes deep specialist knowledge in the different aspects of service quality management, the SMA is expected to become an industry-leading source of knowledge of state-of-the-art service quality management techniques and methods.Contact: Sherry Toly; (425) 378-8857;

VitriaBooth 113

Vitria Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of business process integration solutions. The company pioneered the enterprise application integration market in 1994 and the use of business process management in 1997, and is now the first integration solution provider to solve integration challenges through collaborative applications.  Vitria is rolling out Telecom specific solutions – Vitria:  OrderAccelerator and Vitria:ResolutionAccelerator – that measurably improve operations and reduce costs.  Vitria’s BusinessWare platform is installed in over 100 leading providers including Bell Canada, Sprint, AT&T Wireless, Cablevision, XM Radio and many international customers.Contact: Caroline Japic,, 408-328-1892.



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